Project SMART

Student-Centered, Multicultural, Active, Real-World Teaching

SUNY Oswego’s Project SMART is a year-round collaborative professional development program aimed at improving interdisciplinary core area instruction (aligned with the NYS Learning Standards) for K-12 students. SMART was developed through the support of DDE Higher Education Professional Development funds, and is now funded by TQLP (Teacher/Leader Quality Partnerships), as well as local businesses and industries.

The people and partners involved include inservice teachers, professors and pre-service teachers, school administrators, and community leaders in Central New York and surrounding communities as far away as Albany.

During the school year, participants engage in school based study groups, develop and pilot inquiry projects based on their learning in the study groups, and collect disaggregated data on student learning to assess the impact of their teaching. Many teachers are engaged in year-long study groups.

During the school year teachers, from Oswego and Onondaga Counties, Albany and Rochester City School Districts and throughout New York state, create a cross-district learning community. They participate in a graduate course on a current educational topic, and develop projects that promote inquiry, high standards, respect for diversity, educational technology, and real world applications in the workplace and the community. Many participants are trained in GESA, a nationally validated program which improves student achievement and promotes equity.

In the past, school inspectors from Benin West Africa participated in our Institute. Recent graduates from the TESOL program and other language programs served as interpreters in this cross cultural global initiative.

The effectiveness and benefits of teacher and student participation in Project SMART have been validated by the New York State Department of Education's Sharing Success program.

For more information about SMART, make contact with Dr. Barbara Beyerbach (315.312.2650 or or Dr. Marcia Burrell (315.312.3584) or in the School of Education.

The Project SMART office is located at 235 Hewitt Union.

Visit the Project SMART archives.