Computer Science student

Computer science

Much of our computer science program uses project-based learning, both within courses and in supervised student research.

Faculty expertise ranges across all aspects of computing, including security, databases, concurrency, parallelism, distribution, networking, enterprise systems, simulation, cognitive science, user-interface design, artificial intelligence, embedded systems and robotics.

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Fulbright scholarship awardee, Professor Chris Harris

Information science

Marrying a strong technical component with coursework in the human aspects of computing, our information science program will provide you with the skills to link people and technology.

While the technical component encompasses computer programming, database and text management systems, telecommunications, expert systems and statistics, the human perspective includes assessing information needs and exploring the social effects of information systems.

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Student in software engineering class

Software engineering

Our strong software engineering program, led by a highly credentialed faculty committed to undergraduate education, offers a project-based curriculum with a great deal of faculty/student collaboration solving real-world problems.

The yearlong capstone experience places students in a position of developing software for real clients. The laboratory and instructional facilities are designed to support and encourage creativity and teamwork. Oswego’s software engineering program — the first in all of SUNY — provides a systems-oriented curriculum that encompasses software requirements, design, construction, testing, maintenance, configuration management, engineering management, engineering process, tools and quality assurance.

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