Computer Science BA, BS

Much of our computer science program uses project-based learning within courses and supervised student research.


Faculty expertise ranges across all aspects of computing, including security, databases, concurrency, parallelism, distribution, networking, enterprise systems, simulation, cognitive science, user-interface design, artificial intelligence, embedded systems and robotics.

Join the Computer Science Association, which sponsors guest speakers, conducts programming contests, arranges tours of companies that hire graduates and provides opportunities for advanced students to tutor and mentor first-year students. Pursue an internship in a company or institution and gain software development experience in finance, defense, manufacturing, government or other fields.

State-of-the-art facilities in the Shineman Center include workspaces configured for class-based, small-group and individual activities. Our labs provide a great learning, testing and training ground for future success.


The Bachelor of Arts degree is for those seeking a broader liberal arts experience, while the Bachelor of Science is for students who want more of an applied technological track.

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science

Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation

This $118-million facility is home to the mathematics, science, computing and engineering programs. The 230,000-square-foot center features a planetarium, three observation decks, a greenhouse, extensive laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment.


  • Understand the structure and properties of common architectural elements of physical computing systems, along with those layered software systems that impact the structure, functionality and performance of programs executing on them
  • Develop software in a variety of programming languages, computational styles and modes
  • Ability to evaluate software impact on users and society, including usability, security, privacy and ethics

Career Opportunities

  • App development
  • Quality assurance
  • Software development
  • System administration
  • Web and mobile technologies

The whole fourth floor of Shineman is dedicated to computer science and computer engineering students. There you will find students helping each other in the labs, with faculty walking the halls engaging you in stimulating conversation.

Participating in two internships, IBM Watson and, allowed me to better understand what I was learning in class and motivate me to go above and beyond when learning new concepts because I now knew how important the material was from having applied my learnings on the job.

The best part of this major is the practicality of the courses and how they are taught in a way to prepare you for the real world, for real jobs out there.

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The Oswego Guarantee

  • No increase in room & board 
  • Timely course offerings
  • High touch connections to alumni 
  • Small student to faculty ratio
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