Support for Student and Faculty Research

Survey Process for SUNY Oswego Students or Faculty

Institutional Research and Assessment provides survey support including review, design and sending invitations. You must send your survey plan to to be included on the campus survey administration schedule.

Grant Applications for Research Funding

Many grant applications include questions about the campus or its programs, such as enrollments or demographic trends. The Institutional Data page contains a wide range of information about the college. If you need additional data for your grant application please complete the Data Request Form.

***For overall grant support contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Support

If you are exploring new ways of teaching your students, IRA can help you design and implement a quantitative analysis of the impact of new approaches, and help prepare your findings for presentation and possibly even publication

Research Support

If your research is moving into a direction that requires quantitative skills that have grown rusty, or were never part of your academic development, IRA may be able to help you design an approach and access the most efficient path of professional development needed to execute your design.