Learning Communities

Learning Communities offer first-year students new social and academic experiences by providing opportunities to meet faculty and students who share their interests. Together, students in a Learning Community can study for exams, explore options, discuss ideas, learn the "ins and outs" of the college and have a good time! 

Life skills for intercollegiate athletes

Life Skills/PED 295 course is based on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Student-Athlete Affairs program and is designed to assist the student-athlete at Oswego in exploring and developing life skills for success in the classroom, in sport, and in life. This course is reserved for first-year student-athletes who will interact closely with other student-athletes in a small classroom setting.

Honors Program

If your vision of college involves a community devoted to the life of the mind, with stimulating discussions and wide-ranging explorations of topics that interest you, then consider the First Year Honors Experience.

Special-interest electives

Are you undeclared or not sure if the major you have chosen is the right one for you? In either case, special-interest courses will allow you to explore different majors or interests. These courses count towards your degree as electives and offer insight into the following areas. 

Service learning

Would you like to take an active role in the community? Would you like to visit the elderly, help special athletes reach for their dreams, or tutor new readers, all while earning academic credit? If so, then consider Service Learning.

Preceptor courses

Are you looking for an introduction to the Oswego campus and the resources it offers? Would you like to take a stimulating class related to an academic area of interest? In addition to learning about the subject area, you learn more about life on campus through our preceptor courses.