During your first semester, you'll take a FirstChoice course that focuses on transitioning to college life and learning about our campus. The content will include a focus on academic success, campus engagement, and making meaning of your college experience.

The class sizes are capped at 19 students, and will give you an opportunity to really get to know your professors and make new friends. There are a few types of FirstChoice courses and you'll have a chance to indicate your preferences when you register for Orientation:

  • Gateway - courses that provide introduction to your major, to faculty in your department, and to college life
  • Preceptor - general education classes that give you taste of a subject area that you're interested in
  • Signature - courses focusing on unique, edgy, and sometimes provacative topic areas
  • Major exploration - courses designed to help you choose a major 
  • Life Skills - a course designed to help student athletes succeed in the classroom, in sport, and in life
  • Honors - courses draw from many disciplines with no boundaries to thought and inquiry
  • Service Learning - courses that connect various disciplines with community service and reflection

picture of student reading comic book

The Injustice League: Crime, Justice, & Inequality in Comic Books
Dr. Maggie Schmuhl, Instructor

I came into the class thinking we would just be talking about comic books and then writing papers about them. It was so much more than that. Professor Schmuhl surprised every single one of us and made the class more than just a class. It was a class that we could feel safe in, where we could hear each other out. She made us feel like family in the Injustice League. And that's what we were... a league! 

Alex Griffin, Cinema & Screen Studies Major