Your Next Steps

All new, incoming first-year and transfer students are required to complete a series of “next steps” in order to successfully enroll at SUNY Oswego. The New Student Menu is the command center for next steps. We’ve outlined what new students will find there in the overview below.


Overview of Next Steps for New Student

Complete these steps by logging in to the New Student Menu and navigating to the Orientation tab. A 24 to 48-hour processing period between steps is typical, so expect to return as new steps to become available.

Step 1 - Activate your LakerNet ID

Your LakerNet ID and password will get you into your email, MyOswego, and many other applications you will need to access during your time as an Oswego Student.

Oswego email is the College’s official form of communication, so please be sure to check your email often. 

Step 2 - Complete Your Academic and Health Requirements

Complete your Health & Academic Requirements 

  • Visit your Patient Portal to complete your health requirements.

  • Fill out your Academic Information Sheet. You can find this form in your New Student Menu. Your Academic Information sheet gives your advisor vital information on what should be included in your first-semester schedule.

  • Take your Math Placement assessment. Find more information on the Math Placement webpage. (The Math Placement exam is not required for all majors; you can see if it’s required for your major on the Math Placement webpage.)

Step 3 - Agree to Complete your Orientation Experiences & Student ID

Submit the Agreement to Complete your Orientation Experiences

  • Visit the New Student Menu to complete this step in the Step 3 Checklist. This agreement requires you to comply with the Online Orientation requirement and reminds you of the optional, in-person summer Orientation Program. You will not be registered for fall semester courses until this agreement is received and Step 3 is complete. 

Submit your Photo for your Student ID

In the Step 3 Checklist, you will be directed to submit your ID Photo via Laker Lookup. Please read the photo requirements prior to submission. You will receive your student ID in one of the following ways: at an in-person Orientation Program (if you attend), via postal mail if you are a commuter student and do not attend an in-person Orientation Program, or at New Student Move-In if you are a residential student and do not attend an in-person Orientation Program. 

Please note: It’s come to our attention that some of our students may have photo submissions that are being automatically rejected because the format of the photo is not the most compatible with our Student ID Photo software. This is often seen with photo submissions using Apple products. 

We’ve created a helpful guide on how to update your settings to take a photo that is most compatible with our software. Please view additional information below. 

Photo Requirements:

All Student ID Photos must show the student…

  • Looking straight at the camera 

  • Positioned in front of a plain, light background

Accepted Photo Formats:

  • JPEG or JPG (most preferred) 

  • PNG

For Students Submitting a Photo taken on an Apple Device (iPad, iPhone):

Please set up your camera format to  “most compatible” in the settings tab before taking your Student ID Photo. (The default “high efficiency” option converts photos taken with the Apple device into an HEIC format, which is not supported by SUNY Oswego’s ID photo system.) 

To change your photo settings, follow these steps! 

Step 1: Access “Settings” on the home screen menu.

 Step 2: Scroll down and select the “Camera” option in Settings.

 Step 3: Access the “Formats” option at the top of the Camera menu.

Step 4: Select “Most Compatible” option.

For more information on uploading your student ID photo, click here

If you need any further assistance, please contact our office at (315) 312-5522.


Step 4 - Complete In-Person Orientation

Register for your In-Person Orientation Program

  • We are offering several one-day, in-person orientation programs for new students and their families.  Registration for the in-person programs is available to students who have completed Steps 1 through 3 in the New Student Menu.


Orientation Program Dates

You will be asked to register for one of the following Orientation Dates upon completing Steps 1 through 3 above.

First-Year Orientation Program Dates
Program 1: Thursday 7/7
Program 2: Monday 7/11
Program 3: Friday 7/15
Program 4: Monday 7/18
Program 5: Wednesday 7/20
Program 6: Friday 7/22
Program 7: Monday 7/25

Transfer Orientation Program Dates
Program 1: Thursday 6/30
Program 2: Wednesday 7/13
Program 3: Thursday 7/28


Apply for Housing

Complete your New Student Housing Application.

New Student Housing

Please contact the Residence Life and Housing Office if you need help with housing matters at 315.312.2246 or


Have Questions?

The Office of New Student Orientation is here to help you navigate these steps and to help connect students and their families with offices across campus.

Please contact us at 315.312.5522 or if you have questions or need assistance.