Learning Communities

If you choose to participate in a learning community, you will be registered in a block of two courses. By taking two classes together, students in these courses form strong bonds with faculty, staff, and students that share common interests. You'll have a chance to opt into a learning community when you register for Orientation:

The Learning Communities offered for Fall 2019 include:

Communication Service Learning Community 

  • COM 210 Public Speaking
  • GST 102 Contemporary Social Issues

Business Service Learning Community

  • COM 211 Stratetic Communication in Business
  • GST 102 Contemporary Social Issues

Creative Writing

  • CRW 208 Creative Nonfiction Writing I
  • ENG 204 Writing About Literature

Cinema & Screen Studies

  • ENG 286 Intro to Cinema and Screen Studies
  • CSS 111 Cinema & Screen Studies Seminar/Practicum