Register for Orientation

You'll want to start on this process soon, as some of the steps require you to submit information that has to be processed once it is received. This processing time is typically 1 - 2 business days. Before you can sign up to attend an Orientation program (done through our online portal: the New Student Menu in myOswego), you must complete steps 1 and 2 in totality (this includes your academic and health requirements.)

How to Register

Step 1: Activate your Email Account and Laker NetID
  • Log onto myOswego
  • Go to the New Student Menu
  • Activate email account and Laker NetID

Remember to check your Oswego email account at least once per week, it's the University's official form of communication. Please allow up to 12 hours for your Laker Net ID to be activated.

Step 2: Complete Academic and Health Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Log onto myOswego
  • Go to the New Student Menu
  • Click on Academic Requirements
  • Complete the New Student Information Sheet
  • Complete the Math Placement Exam (major dependent*)

Your completed Academic Requirements will be used to create a course schedule for you before you attend an Orientation program. Learn more about the course schedule process.

Health Requirements

New York State Law requires new students to complete the Health History and Immunization Forms and provide information on their men

  • Log onto myOswego
  • Go to the New Student Menu
  • Click on Health Requirements
  • Complete the Health History Form, Immunization Form, Meningitis Declination Form***

Fax or email your immunization records to Health Services, fax number: (315) 312-5409; email: More information can be found here. Please note: No physical exam is required for new and incoming students.

You will need to allow 1-2 business days upon receipt of your documents and forms before you see the steps marked as complete in the new student menu. These steps must be marked as complete before the link to Step 3: Sign up for New Student Orientation will become live and accessible to you.

*You may need to complete the Math Placement Exam before registering for an Orientation program, depending on your major or involvement in some campus groups or programs (ie, EOP). For more information, please visit the Math Placement website. Please note: If you are required to take the Math Placement exam, you must complete the exam before you will be allowed to sign up for an Orientation program.

**All majors except those in Curriculum and Instruction

***This form is only required if you do not have proof of receiving the meningitis vaccine within 5 years from your date of enrollment.

Step 3: Register for New Student Orientation
  • Log onto myOswego
  • Go to the New Student Menu
  • Click on Orientation
  • Select your Orientation date

After you have reserved your space at an in-person Orientation program, you will receive an email containing information about the program, check-in process, and more.

Step 4: Complete Oswego Online Orientation

To help prepare you for a successful transition to SUNY Oswego we require you to complete SUNY Oswego Essentials. Through this online, required program you'll become familiar with the many resources we have that support students on our campus.

  • Navigate to your New Student Menu
  • Click on Step 4: Complete Oswego Online Orientation
  • Login to Blackboard using your Laker Net ID and password
  • Under My Courses, click on Oswego Essentials
  • Click on Oswego Online Orientation under the Learning Modules link in the side menu
  • Complete the program in full