Romney Indoor Turf
Romney Indoor Field





Completed Projects
Description Benef. Occup.
Minor Rehab 12.2014
Rehab Field House 04.2013
Replace PCB Transformers 10.1999
Establish Handicap Access 06.1998
Rebuild Ice Machine Cooling Tower Pad 02.1997
Rehab Steam Traps 04.1995
Replace Roof 10.1992
Rehab Ice Rink 03.1987
Provide Gas Boiler to Eliminate Steam  08.1985
Convert Boiler to Dual Fuel 11.1983
Install Fuel Gas Heat Recovery 11.1980
Repair/Replace Roof 10.1980
Install Locker & Storage Rooms 09.1969
Ice Rink at Existing Field House 12.1963
Ice Rink & Field House 12.1963
Field House 09.1963
Addition to Field House 07.1963
Constuct Field House 09.1962