Student Resources

We want our students to be successful, and we understand that some challenges cannot be overcome by yourself. Here you'll find a multitude of student resources offered on our campus that'll help you navigate these challenges, excel in your studies, and prepare you future endeavors.

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Please feel free to visit our office anytime for a chat! Additionally, you can schedule a meeting with Dr. Vasquez or Dr. Wallace to ensure you have dedicated time to discuss any concerns or topics with us.

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Tutoring Services

Need help with your academic studies? SUNY Oswego offers personalized tutoring to bolster student success. With expert tutors and diverse subject support, our students can find the help they need to excel academically.

Tutoring Sessions

Career Coaches

On campus career coaches guide students towards professional success. Offering tailored advice and resources, these experts help students navigate their career paths with confidence.

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GPA Calculator

the GPA Calculator helps estimate your GPA by looking at your grades. It's a handy way to see how you're doing and think about what's next for you.

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