Over here at CSTEP, we are thankful to have such determined, hard-working, and compassionate students. They work diligently throughout the academic year to achieve their personal goals and excel on campus. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and are pursuing a multitude of career paths. They enrich our program with a diverse community that learns and grows together. At any given time throughout the year, you can find our students hanging around our office. Whether it's studying or catching up with friends, CSTEP is a safe space for everyone.

I am beyond grateful for everything this program has given me. I hope it stays with Oswego for many years to come, and I plan on staying engaged even after I am no longer a student.

I thought the CSTEP program did very well despite external circumstances. This year was very challenging for me to stay motivated. CSTEP has given me the resources and academic support to turn it around. I hope to see everyone physically next year! thanks guys!

I like the CSTEP program because it provides resources that will help me in the future. Thinking about my future career and the next steps after undergrad was overwhelming. After joining CTSEP, I became aware that there are a plethora of resources, and people, I can contact that will help make the process easier and less overwhelming.