Student Opportunities

CSTEP Students are encouraged to visit conferences and participate in research throughout their academic career. At CSTEP, we offer amazing opportunities for students to travel all around the US to visit conferences and gain more experiences in the professional world at absolutely no cost. We have had countless students attend conferences such as Black Engineer Week in Silicon Valley, the CSTEP Conference at the Sagamore Resort in NY, and many more!

CSTEP Conference

Every year, a handful of students attend the CSTEP Conference with the Director. An interactive, educational event where CSTEP programs from all over NY come together and celebrate the success of the program.

Black Engineer Week

In 2023, the CSTEP Assistant Director and a CSTEP student attended Black Engineer Week in California, where they gained exposure to STEM companies in Silicon Valley and networked with a multitude of companies.

Micron Chip Camp

Our CSTEP students keep busy even in the summer time! We were able to work with our friends over at OCC to host Chip Camp, a day camp filled with hands-on STEM activities related to semiconductor manufacturing and engineering.

Advisory Board

We also have an advisory board where CSTEP students can take on a more serious role in the program. The board provides a means for student expression and assistance in CSTEP affairs and activities, as well as gives opportunities for student experience in leadership.

Roles we offer:

  • CSTEP Board President

  • CSTEP Board Vice President

  • CSTEP Board Treasurer

  • CSTEP Board Secretary

Our Current Board Members

Want more information on CSTEP opportunities?

Contact us via email at or come by our office at 398 Shineman Center.