Communication minor

This minor explores the various ways human beings interact and exchange ideas. The coursework focuses on how to build effective and appropriate relationships and gain cooperation from others. Students analyze the process of creating, sending and interpreting verbal and nonverbal messages. This minor is attractive for anyone that plans to work with people. This popular minor provides insight on how people communicate and will help students to send appropriate messages in the workplace whether that is in business meetings, newsletters, or through social media. The curriculum also introduces students to theories that help explain how we build, maintain and terminate relationships. This flexible minor allows students to take advantage of internships, independent studies, study abroad and other practical experiences.

Communication minor core requirements

COM 100 - Foundations of Communication
COM 210 - Critical Thinking and Public Speaking
BRC  108  - Introduction to Mass Media
COM 212 - Interpersonal Communication
Core Requirements-Theory and Research:
Select one course from the following:
COM 301 - Communication Theories
COM 303 - Qualitative Communication Research Methods
Other research course under advisement
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