NYSSA Conference

The SUNY Oswego Sociology Department and Sociology Club are proud to host the 2015 Annual Meeting of the New York State Sociological Association on Friday, Oct. 2, and Saturday, Oct. 3, in the Marano Campus Center. 

Get Involved

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club is an informal student organization open to all Sociology majors and minors, as well as non-majors interested in Sociology. The Club elects its own officers and meets periodically to encourage contact among students and between students and faculty. Over the years, the Club has sponsored field trips, paper and poster presentations at conferences, sponsored guest lectures, and engaged in fund-raising activities for local charities.

After Oswego

Since studying sociology gives you broadly applicable experience and knowledge about human nature, our graduates find jobs in fields from advertising and administration to banking and business, counseling and community non-profits to social services and social work. Our graduates also pursue jobs and advanced degrees in areas like communications, human services, research and teaching.


Sociology is a discipline that studies human behavior in groups, how groups are organized and how institutional structures influence the individual. It emphasizes the diversity of cultures and human societies, including those groups marginalized or invisible in mainstream cultures. Its scope ranges from the analysis of small-group behavior to the study of the development of large social systems - from the family to education, religion, government and the economy.