January 27, 2021 - 10:46am

On Thursday, Jan. 28, at 7 a.m., Zoom will receive several updates. These include a new authentication that uses your campus credentials, licenses configured for all employees and students, and the authentication feature to attend meetings turned on by default.  

Authentication Changes

Authentication for Zoom is changing to use campus credentials. Single Sign-on (SSO) will be used which requires your SUNY Oswego email address and password to login. The authentication method is similar to how you would log in to Blackboard.

Here are some additional points:

  • If you use Blackboard to access and start your Zoom meetings, the login will continue to function as is.  
  • For those who login through the web, you will now go to oswego-edu.zoom.us to log in.
  • For those who login using the PC/Mac application and/or mobile app, click on the Single Sign-On (SSO) button and enter oswego-edu when asked for the domain name.  
  • After the updates have taken place, please log off Zoom and authenticate with the new method.
  • More information with instructions is available from the “Logging into Zoom” article.


All employees will be configured with a business Zoom account by default. All students will be configured with a basic Zoom account which allows for meeting durations up to 40 minutes.  Students who need to hold meetings longer than 40 minutes can request a business license through the CTS Help Desk.

If you’d like to start hosting meetings, please refer to our Zoom webpage to get started.  


In December, we announced a new security feature that allows only authenticated SUNY Oswego participants into meetings. This feature is now enabled by default for all newly scheduled meetings.

Here are some additional points:

  • Newly scheduled meetings will have this feature turned on by default. Already scheduled meetings can be configured with this feature.
  • The feature can be turned on/off for individual meetings. If you are inviting non-SUNY Oswego attendees to a meeting, you would need to turn it off for that specific meeting.  
  • Participants will authenticate using their SUNY Oswego email address and password.
  • This feature can be used in conjunction with additional features to deter Zoom bombers.  
  • This feature is also available for Zoom webinars.

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions.

Campus Technology Services Help Desk
26 Lanigan Hall | SUNY Oswego