Strategic Communication Online MA

Communication is constantly evolving, influenced by the dynamic nature of technology and business trends. Our expert faculty designed this online program to produce advanced communication professionals who can craft and distribute ethical messages to achieve desired outcomes through the strategic use of face-to-face and mass media channels.

Quick Facts

Recommended Deadlines July 1 for fall start, December 1 for spring start

You Can Start Fall, Spring or Summer

Delivery Option(s) Main Campus, Online

Cost Per Credit Hour $471

Credit Hours 33

Estimated Completion Time 2 Years


Our students will explore the theoretical foundations and practical aspects of communication research, particularly in settings that demand strategic communication, including organizational and mediated contexts. This opportunity is open to both recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree and current professionals, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of message creation, perception, interpretation and the profound implications of effective communication.


Our flexible curriculum empowers you to tailor your coursework to your specific interests by choosing from a diverse array of courses, in collaboration with guidance from your advisor.

Master of Arts

Strategic Communication SUNY Oswego Graduate Studies

Flexibility and convenience with online degrees

An online graduate degree provides the flexibility to advance your education while maintaining your professional and personal commitments, offering convenience and accessibility for career enhancement and skill development.


Upon completing the program, graduates will possess a wealth of knowledge and a finely honed skill set for crafting impactful and suitable messages designed to drive systematic change, address intricate challenges, exert influence and engage in strategic communication across both face-to-face and mediated platforms.

Career Opportunities

  • Agency or in-house digital marketing specialist
  • Communications and public relations
  • Content developer
  • Human resources
  • Marketing manager
  • Multimedia specialist

Regardless of the workload each individual had based on their own schedules, I could always count on my graduate studies peers to review a paper for me or make sure my surveys in my research were pristine.

This program is an ideal blend of theory and application that reveals how communication can become much more than just clever PR or a well-written press release.

There are many Graduate Assistantship positions available for students and they are exactly what I needed to make my dream of having a master degree possible.

The Strategic Communication program offered me something unique from all other graduate communication programs. Our supportive instructors and fellow students made my graduate studies a rewarding experience.

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screenshot of the segment on bridgestreet with two hosts and suny oswego professor and student

The acceleration of the news cycle, further amplified by social media, has led to significant growth in strategic communication. SUNY Oswego professor Serenity Sutherland and student Valerie Puma discuss this trend on Bridge Street.

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Available On-Campus

Oswego's strategic communication program is also available in person, providing an opportunity for collaboration and hands-on learning experiences.

On-Campus Program


Master's project examines students' relationships with technology

A group of master’s in strategic communication students, working a large-scale student survey from 2019, found students have a complicated relationship with technology and their smartphones.  

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Diversity Graduate Fellowship Program

Prospective students may be eligible for an award which includes an annual stipend, in addition to fully-paid tuition for full-time study.

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More than 120 Graduate Assistantships Offered

Assistantships provide an opportunity to gain experience through professional work on campus.

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The Power of SUNY Tuition

Achieving your long-term career goals shouldn’t come at the expense of your immediate financial security. Oswego offers low tuition compared to many private colleges. Never sacrificing quality for affordability, our graduate students are receiving a nationally accredited program that will translate into effective knowledge and opportunities.


in total awards given every year to our graduate students

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Admission Requirements

Official transcript
Submit official transcripts confirming your bachelor’s or master’s degree/advanced certificate. This includes graduate-level coursework or post-baccalaureate degree/certificate. U.S. transcripts must be sent directly from the granting institution (electronic or mail). All international transcripts require verification via a World Education Services (WES) credit evaluation. If you are a SUNY Oswego alum, your official transcript will be automatically requested after entering your student ID and identifying SUNY Oswego as your school on the application upon submitting your application.
GRE optional

GRE scores are not required for an applicant to be considered for admission into this graduate program. Applicants who believe that a GRE score would strengthen their credentials have the option to submit a test score as part of their application package.

Statement of purpose

In 500 words or less, describe your personal achievements relating to your academic interests, and detail your educational and professional objectives with reasoning for applying to SUNY Oswego. This statement will help the review team better understand and evaluate your application.


Include a professional resume or curriculum vitae that includes your academic history, professional background and any accomplishments of note. This document should provide details that support your admittance to the program.

Two letters of recommendation

Indicate two names with valid email addresses. We will send an email request directly to the references on your behalf. These references should be able to speak to your character, work ethic and abilities.

Application fee

Prospective students are charged a non-refundable $65 fee for processing the application.

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