Graduate assistantships go beyond the growth and experiential opportunities they afford our students. They also allow departments to engage in rewarding interactions with some of our brightest students to help solve real world problems and/or further teaching, research, and creative activities.

Graduate Assistantship Job Board

Policies Pertaining to Graduate Assistants

Policies and procedures for graduate assistantships awarded by the Division of Graduate Studies are designed to:

  1. Foster feelings of equity and consistency;
  2. Provide defined award levels and amounts;
  3. Continue to connect allocation to specific criteria;
  4. Clarify and simplify terminology;
  5. Develop universitywide minimums in stipends and tuition scholarships;
  6. Support as many departments and initiatives as possible;
  7. Create greater transparency for all those involved;
  8. Make SUNY Oswego more competitive with other SUNY comprehensives.

To work toward achieving the above objectives, we have a two-tier program of awards: GA20 & GA10

The Graduate Assistantships funded by the Division of Graduate Studies fall into two categories based on responsibilities and time commitment. (Departments may also separately fund other GA positions.)

GA20: This is our most intensive graduate assistantship and requires a commitment of approximately 20 hours per week during the semester. Activities may include support of classroom and lab activities, managing databases, marketing activities, advisement, support of departmental special projects, statistical analysis, and research. Some GA20s will engage in faculty-led research programs and projects. Occasionally a GA20 may be the instructor of record for a class, but this type of activity should be limited and include extensive mentoring and supervision by full-time faculty members and/or the department graduate director. This typically requires specialized training and/or course work.

GA10: This level of GA requires a time commitment of approximately 10 hours per week during the semester. The duties of a GA10 are similar to a GA20. A GA10 should not be the instructor of record for a class or lab.

Other GA Positions: Departments may fund GAs and establish work schedule, number of hours per semester and support amount.


General Description: The duties of a GA20 and GA10 can be varied and wide ranging, but need to include a depth of purpose and experience that makes the activity rewarding for the graduate student. Each requesting group has an opportunity to suggest how this will happen for their requested GA via the request form.

Disbursement: Half of the above tuition scholarship will be deducted from a GAs tuition bill each semester. Half of the stipend amount will be awarded each semester in increments as outlined in the award letter.

Eligibility: A graduate assistantship is available only to graduate students who have been formally accepted into a graduate degree or certificate of advanced study (CAS) program at SUNY Oswego as full time students. An applicant must be enrolled in 9-12 hours of courses required by a degree program. (If the full time enrollment is not met after the semester starts, the graduate assistantship may be rescinded.)