Graduate assistantships are excellent opportunities for graduate students to engage with faculty and departments in rewarding interactions to help solve real world problems and/or further teaching, research, and creative activities.

Graduate assistantships are available only to graduate students who have been formally accepted into a graduate degree or certificate program at SUNY Oswego as full-time students.

Available positions:
Students can view available positions through the Graduate Assistantship Board.

View Graduate Assistantship Board

Health benefits:
Graduate students receiving a stipend are also members of the GSEU which includes health benefits.

Summary Health Plan

Rights and privileges:

  • Parking:
    A GA is entitled to receive one employee parking sticker (permits parking in employee lots) and does not pay a registration fee. (Must identify as a graduate assistant when registering.)
  • College Store:
    A GA is entitled to a 10% discount off new textbooks purchased through the College Store. (Must identify as a graduate assistant to receive discount.)
  • Holiday Leave (Stipendiary GAs):
    If there are no classes on a state holiday, then holidays are treated as holidays with pay and the GA is not required to make up the hours. If a GA is required to work on such holidays, the GA is entitled to compensatory time off.
  • Sick Leave (Stipendiary GAs):
    Graduate assistants are eligible for sick leave. Students on assistantships will receive 5 days of sick leave per agreement year commencing with their second semester of employment. Such leave is not, however, "accrued" as with other employees; but is instead available in a "block" and the unused portion is not carried from agreement year to agreement year. This leave is for any occasion that the employee cannot fulfill obligation due to a temporary disability or death or illness in the immediate family. The employer is, of course, able to require medical verification of an illness.

Types of Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants’ activities are quite varied, therefore assistantships will be categorized into the four types described below.


SUNY Oswego offers both 10-hour (GA10) and 20-hour (GA20) graduate assistantships for the 2018–2019 academic year.

Promoting Opportunities:

Graduate Assistantship Board (GA Board)

The Division of Graduate Studies will administer a full list of all the approved graduate assistantship opportunities on our GA Board. Each assistantship will include a short description of the learning opportunity provided by the assistantship. The graduate students will be encouraged to make arrangements with the contact person associated with the assistantships.

Once the Division of Graduate Studies receives paperwork from the hiring unit, the opportunity will be signaled as “filled” and it will be updated in our system as such.

Steps when hiring a graduate student

Once the employing department(s)/unit(s) has/have chosen who they would like to enroll, send the name of the graduate student to Graduate Studies at to update the GA Board.

The employing department(s)/unit(s) is/are responsible for sending the following documents to the Division of Graduate Studies:

  1. Graduate Student Tuition Scholarship Award
  2. Student FERPA Acknowledgment
  3. Unclassified Service Appointment Form (GA stipend)
  4. (Downloads are to the right)
Graduate Student Tuition Scholarship Award (PDF)

Student FERPA Acknowledgment (PDF)

Unclassified Service Appointment Form (PDF)

Note: Only graduate students receiving a stipend at SUNY Oswego will pay Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) dues and are eligible for GSEU benefits.