Research and educational opportunities

The PLL is a constantly developing space, and the opportunities for curriculum development, student and faculty research, and community education/workshops are limitless! We welcome all ideas to help grow the space. 

Current curriculum at SUNY Oswego

Fall 2022

SUS 115 - ECO/POL Foundations of Sustainability 

This course examines the economic and political foundations of decision-making regarding environmental and sustainability issues. Students will participate at the PLL each Friday.

Taught by Dr. Lisa Glidden,

Past curriculum at SUNY Stony Brook

Winter Session 2016 in Costa Rica DATES: January 1-19, 2016
ENV 310 Sustainability and Renewable Energy  (4 credits)
Instructor: Fasanella • Visiting Professor of Ecological Art, Architecture & Design

Past curriculum at SUNY Oswego

EDU 306 Permaculture in Global Education: Benin, West Africa 
Q2 Study Abroad Course: Fall 2015 / Winter 2016. 
Taught by Dr.Marcia Burrell, Kate Spector , Grace Maxon-Clarke, Leah Russell
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Check out this video of the student's experience abroad!

File From SUNY Oswego to Benin

ENG 102 Service Learning: Fall 2014
Taught by Katherine Stout
This introductory composition course viewed its writing projects through the lens of permaculture. Introduction to permaculture design theory was covered, with students required to complete 20 hours of service, most of which (if not all) was focused on building and promoting the Permaculture Living Lab. This course counted as an elective in the sustainability studies minor.

Educational opportunities

Planned workshops include a natural dyes workshop, mushroom innoculation, natural building, grafting, basic vegetable gardening, seed saving, tree pruning and care, reusing/repurposing materials, water catchment, composting...

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Previous educational events and opportunities

A Permaculture Garden Tour in September 2014 and 2015 took faculty, staff and students to Ithaca to witness and explore Permaculture Sites with the Finger Lake Permaculture Institute Permaculture Tour.

The SUNY Sustainability Conference in September 2014 focused on Energy and Operations plus Outreach and Engagement. Kate Spector and Grace Maxon will presenting on the PLL.

April 2015 saw a Rocket Mass Heater Workshop led by Erica and Ernie Wisner, and hosted by Valerie Dawnstar, a certified permaculture designer, in Sterling.

A workshop on Designing Edible Ecosystems took place in May 2105, led by Dave Jacke of Dynamic Ecological Design.

Further reading

Download a bibliography of permaculture resources.