Group photo of special education students who presented at conference

SUNY Oswego candidates from the master of science in education (MSED) childhood special education program recently attended and presented their work at the annual Conference of the New York State Council for Exceptional Children in Binghamton. Seated front row, from left, are Jessica Parsych, Megan Dignean and Lynn Szczygiel; standing from left are Caitlin Brewster, Mitchell Alpha, Amanda Whitney, Holly Dempsey and Emily Wingenbach. Candidates each presented a poster detailing their action research case studies of teaching writing to students with disabilities with the support of assistive technology tools. The posters were well received by conference participants that included special education teachers, administrators, parents and students from across the state, gathered to increase their understanding of “best educational practices” for students with disabilities. Assistive technology tools were purchased through a Technology Innovations Program campus grant. The candidates’ conference participation was supported by Amanda Fenlon and Roberta Schnorr from the curriculum and instruction department, and Taejin Jung, director of Research and Individualized Student Research Experiences program.

Group photo of three special education students who presented at conference

Candidates from the new MSED 7-12 special education generalist program (from left) Kelly Prucker, Kelsey Wilson and Bailey Woodard recently attended and presented their work at the annual Adirondack Assistive Technology Expo in Tupper Lake. The conference, sponsored by Clarkson University, draws special education teachers, related service staff, school administrators and people with disabilities from across the state to learn about “best educational practices” for students with disabilities. SUNY Oswego candidates each presented a poster detailing their action research case studies of teaching writing to secondary students with disabilities with the support of assistive technology tools. Assistive technology tools were purchased through a Technology Innovations Program campus grant. As with the MSED childhood special education presentations above, the support of Fenlon, Schnorr and Jung helped make attendance possible.

Jim Kearns, video production coordinator in the Office of Communications and Marketing, was part of the Syracuse Press Club Video Workshop, hosted by Onondaga Community College on Nov. 15. A former videographer in the Syracuse TV news market, Kearns was joined on the panel by Mike Kuehner of Spectrum News and Lauren Long of in presenting helpful tips and tricks for making award-winning videos and in sharing stories of their time in the field.

Carolina Ilie and Ildar Sabirianov, both faculty in the department of physics, recently published a paper in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. The paper, "Some Device Implications of Voltage Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy in Co/Gd2O3 Thin Films Through REDOX Chemistry," has as co-authors Nicholas Noviasky (SUNY Oswego physics May graduate, now a graduate student at University of Buffalo), Guanhua Hao, Shi Cao, Yuewei Yin, Xiaoshan Xu, Andrei Sokolov and Peter Dowben (University of Nebraska at Lincoln), Eugene Kirianov (Southwest High School in Lincoln) and Nishtha Sharma and Andrew Marshall (University of Texas at Dallas). This work was just presented by Guanhua Hao at at the C-SPIN (The Center for Spintronic Materials, Interfaces and Novel Architecture) 2017 Annual Review at University of Minnesota.

Ulises A. Mejias, associate professor of communication studies, was interviewed and featured in the article 揭密俄罗斯信息超限战 ("Revelations about Russia's information warfare"), which appeared in the print and online versions of Caixin Weekly. 

Joshua McKeown, associate provost for international education and programs, and Irene Scruton, director of SUNY Oswego's MBA programs, presented at the "Teaching and Innovation for Business Schools in a Global Context" conference at Shanghai Normal University in China on Nov. 18. McKeown presented "Access to Sustainable and Quality International Education: China-U.S. Model" while Scruton delivered "A Quantitative Analysis of MBA Online and MBA Classroom Student Expectations for Leadership Skill Development in MBA Programs."

Physics student Benjamin Swanson presented the team research at the Nebraska Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physical Sciences at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nov. 9 to 11, and at Albany Nanotechnology Symposium IEEE on Nov. 15. The presentation, “Inkjet Printed Nanocrystalline Inorganic Perovskite Films: the Novel Solar Cells,” represents the research done by Swanson and fellow Oswego physics student Ian Evans and their research adviser, associate professor Carolina Ilie, at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as the summer fellows with the Research Experience for Faculty and Students at Undergraduate Institutions program of the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center focused on Polarization and Spin Phenomena in Nanoferroic Structures, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Other co-authors are Andrew Yost, N. Benker, To Komesu and Peter Dowben, from University of Nebraska’s department of physics and astronomy; J. Teeter, M Shekhirev and A. Sinitskii, from University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s chemistry department; F. Guzman from California State University-San Bernardino; S. Sikich from Doane College; and Axel Enders from Universität Bayreuth in Germany.

A number of students participated in the Rochester Academy of Science Fall Scientific Poster Sessions on Nov. 11. They included “Evaluation of Pesticide Residue Contents in Fruits and Vegetables After Different Washing Treatments” by Ilayda Kelley (faculty sponsor Vadoud Niri); “Analysis of Drugs Used in Facilitated Criminal Acts Using Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry” by Kimberly LaGatta (faculty sponsors Niri and Shokouh Haddadi): “Analysis of Higher Alcohols In Scotch Using Gas Chromatography” by Shaun Henderson (faculty sponsors Niri and Jeffrey Schneider); and “Picolinamides as Catalyst in Ullman Type Couplings” by Xiadman Mahemuti (faculty sponsor Fehmi Damkaci).

Counseling and psychological services faculty member Barbara Faye Streets, in collaboration with the Psychology Club at the School of Psychology and the Counseling Center of Makerere University, organized “Psychology Matters!,” a mental health outreach project at Makerere University’s main campus in Kampala, Uganda, Oct. 25. Eleven non-governmental organizations and 414 students attended the event, coordinated by 18 Psychology Club members. The goals of the event included promoting the field of psychology, destigmatizing those seeking of mental health services and demonstrating the diversity and use of psychology in different occupations and NGOs. Streets is currently on a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award program to Uganda for the 2017-2018 academic year. (Learn more in previous People in Action item.)

Emma Strujo with award-winning research poster

Emma Strujo won the Student Choice Award for Best Poster at the Sigma Xi International Conference in North Carolina for “Effects of Prenatal Music Stimulation on Early Embryonic Development of Gallus gallus.” Strujo works on developmental biology research in faculty member Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan's lab group. “I specifically work with chicken embryos where I observe their development until a few days from hatching,” as the team exposes the embryos to various genres of music to see how this impacts growth, Strujo explained. “We have performed this study with chickens because of the similarities that are seen between them and humans.”