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Rice Creek Field Station hosting free National Arbor Day webinar conference April 24

April 15, 2020

National Arbor Day, a day set aside to celebrate trees, is traditionally marked by tree giveaways and tree planting events. This year, the need for social distancing requires creative solutions -- which the Canal Forest Restoration Project at SUNY Oswego’s Rice Creek Field Station is providing via a free online webinar conference on Friday, April 24.

Science + technology

SUNY Oswego lessons help students win competition, earn deal with startup

April 13, 2020

For Ian Cummins and Theo Johnson, winning the Global Game Jam competition months ago in New York City was just the beginning of an adventure that includes their game’s inclusion in a startup’s new system.

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Partnering to produce face shields for the community

April 3, 2020

Educators from SUNY Oswego are putting their skills toward supporting a critical need during the COVID-19 pandemic -- producing protective face shields for healthcare workers and first responders.

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Science programs donate 16,600 gloves to support Oswego Hospital

March 27, 2020

Faculty and staff in SUNY Oswego science programs found a way to lend a big hand to the Oswego Hospital by donating 16,600 gloves to Oswego Hospital.

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Planetarium shows to explain calculating size of universe

January 10, 2020

The SUNY Oswego planetarium will look at ways to try to measure the universe with "Cepheid Variable Stars: Then and Now" at 7 p.m. every Sunday during January.

Science + technology

$1 million gift from SRC Inc. establishes endowed professorship in engineering

November 25, 2019

SUNY Oswego’s engineering program received a $1 million gift from SRC Inc., a Syracuse-based research and development company, to establish an endowed professorship, strengthening the internationally accredited engineering program.

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Students learn about conservation, biology traveling Tanzania

September 19, 2019

Over the summer, 13 SUNY Oswego students from six majors learned about biology, conservation and culture first-hand through a class that traveled across northern Tanzania.

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SUNY Oswego’s engineering programs earn ABET accreditation

September 3, 2019

Global accreditation recognizes Oswego’s electrical computer engineering and software engineering programs

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Faculty, students studying past climate changes in Death Valley, Mohave Desert

August 12, 2019

A team of researchers from SUNY Oswego and four other colleges and universities recently earned a National Science Foundation grant to study water levels over the last 150,000 years in two of North America's driest places, Death Valley and another dry lakebed in Southern California's Mohave Desert, Searles Lake.

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Video: Oswego's engineering programs earn ABET accreditation

July 23, 2019

SUNY Oswego's electrical and computer engineering, and software engineering programs were recently accredited by ABET, a global designation ensuring the program and its graduates meet the quality standards of the engineering profession.