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The campus recently announced the Winter Break Savings Initiative where telecommuting during the Dec. 19 to Jan. 13 timeframe is highly encouraged for employees. Campus Technology Services (CTS) will continue to offer technology support during this time frame. 

Here are some main points:

  • CTS does not have the quantity of equipment it had last year to loan out. They have a pool of Chromebooks only that can be loaned. Therefore, please utilize departmental resources where possible. This could include moving the desktop computer, monitor, keyboard and/or mouse from your office to your remote location during the telecommuting timeframe. 

  • Please review the Telecommuting Information for Employees website for information on accessing or using campus services remotely.  Highlights include:

    • Information on using the VPN software to access certain campus services remotely such as shared departmental drives (O: drives).  

    • Making sure any personal devices used for telecommuting have the latest operating system and antivirus updates applied. Do not save files with personally identifiable information to personal devices. Please save to Google Drive or your department’s network drive.

    • Forwarding your campus desk phone to another phone number or email.

    • Accessing voicemail from off campus.                                                                          

  • Please turn off/shut down any devices in your office area that will not be used during the telecommuting period. This includes computers, monitors and copiers/printers.

  • The CTS Help Desk will work remotely during the telecommuting timeframe. Please call (315.312.3456) or email ( them during normal business hours with any technical questions.