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In an ongoing effort to strengthen campus safety and improve communication on campus, Campus Technology Services (CTS), University Police and the Office of Communications and Marketing teamed up this summer and took a number of steps aimed at augmenting the way we notify members of our campus community in the event of a crisis or emergency.

We are pleased to share the following enhancements that are now in place and ready to implement if and when necessary.

  • Classrooms and conference rooms have been equipped to transmit emergency notification alerts and information.
    • In the case of an emergency, students, faculty and staff will receive an audio broadcast message via phones that are present in classrooms and conference rooms.*
    • In addition, a visual message/alert will automatically appear on teaching stations in use.

* Note: A large majority of classrooms and conference rooms are equipped to transmit emergency notification alerts and information. CTS will be identifying other locations, including major gathering areas, that require additional technology in order to be included in the emergency notification system.  

  • NY-Alert has been added to all faculty and staff office phones. New York Alert is an emergency messaging platform that allows the college to send critical communications/alerts via text (SMS) message, mobile phones and email to members of the campus community who have registered to receive the alerts. The inclusion of all faculty and staff office lines will result in NY-Alert messaging reaching more than 700 additional recipients. 

Sign up for NY-Alert

All members of the campus community are encouraged to register to receive NY-Alerts, which are sent for emergency communication or to inform the campus community of a campus-wide cancellation of classes due to severe winter weather. You will not receive alerts via text (SMS) message, mobile phone and/or  email if you have not signed up and provided the appropriate contact information.

How do you sign up for NY-Alert or confirm/update your information?

  • Students may register by indicating their preferences through myOswego under personal information.
  • Employees may register or update existing information by logging on to the employee portal on the SUNY System Administration website where they are able to enter their contact information.

What’s next?

A full-scale, campus-wide test of all emergency notification systems will take place later this semester.  The Office of Communications and Marketing will notify the campus community of the date and time at least one week in advance.

Additional Resources

Emergency preparedness and procedures (website)
Emergency Response Plan (PDF)
Emergency Information “Quick Guide” (PDF) – In addition to making this Quick Guide available from several web pages, the updated Emergency Information Quick Guide will soon be posted in classrooms and various locations on campus.

Thank you for your attention to these enhanced forms of communication, and your participation as we work together to strengthen campus safety and improve emergency communication on our campus.  If you have questions, please reach out to us at the email addresses listed below.


Sean Moriarty
Chief Technology Officer

John Rossi
Chief, University Police

Wayne Westervelt
Chief Communication Officer