When does the program start?

SUNY Oswego’s MBA program has a rolling admission, allowing students to start their program anytime. Typically students go to school year-round, starting in the summer and graduating in May; however, this varies depending on each student.

What is the difference in waived and transfer credits?

Waived credits come from undergraduate work that has been completed at an AACSB-accredited school, which has a grade of ‘B’, or better to be applied to the foundation requirements only. The foundation requirements can be waived based upon undergraduate degree work and work experience; each individual will be evaluated separately. Transfer credits are credits earned for graduate level work from another AACSB four-year institution and must have been completed within five years and have grades of ‘B’ or better.

How many courses are required to complete the degree program?

If all foundation requirements have been met, the candidate will have to complete six core classes, one advanced tool, four electives and one capstone course for a total of 36 credit hours. If the foundation courses are not waived, the candidate will have an additional seven classes to complete for 21 credit hours, bringing the total credit hours to 57 credit hours.

Is it possible to obtain an exemption in any areas of the program?

If the course was taken as part of another incomplete graduate business program, it is possible to transfer a maximum of 6 credits to your MBA program. The credits must have been taken at another AACSB-accredited university with a minimum grade of ‘B’ or better to be transferred.

What is the average class size?

The typical class size is between 10 and 25 students, with an average of 20 students. The classes are kept small to encourage more one-on-one interaction with the professor and discussion of case studies.

Where will the classes be offered?

MBA courses can be taken in a classroom setting, either in Oswego or at SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse campus. Classes are also offered online, with some courses being offered as hybrid classes.

Is there a possibility of an internship for this program?

Yes, each student will work directly with the MBA Director, Graduate Office and EXCEL: Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning to explore internship, graduate assistantship and Festa Fellowship opportunities.

Are there any alumni/student networking opportunities?

Yes, we hold an alumni symposium every year. We also encourage students to get involved in the SUNY Oswego ASK program (Alumni Sharing Knowledge). ASK is a mentoring program where students are individually matched with alumni.