Sarah Bonzo

Associate Professor
Coordinator of Healthcare Administration MBA


250 Rich Hall

Sarah Bonzo attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and received her BS and MS in Industrial and Operations Engineering. While in her master’s program, Dr. Bonzo developed scheduling optimization models of an operating room at a local hospital which sparked her interest in healthcare. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in Industrial and Operations Engineering where she focused on the intersection of communication, systems architecture, and patient safety in healthcare. Dr. Bonzo performed graduate research at the University Michigan Health System and Rochester General (now Rochester Regional) Health System. Dr. Bonzo joined Rochester General full time after completing her Ph.D.

Before joining SUNY Oswego in 2013, Dr. Bonzo worked in several areas of Rochester General Health System from Lean-Sigma Specialist to Director of the Transformation Management Office (TMO). As Director of the TMO, she developed strategies for organizational process improvement and project management with a focus on optimization of the enterprise electronic health record.

Outside of teaching and being program coordinator for the MBA in Health Services Administration program, Dr. Bonzo continues to coach and consult on lean thinking, experimentation, and socio-technical systems in healthcare. Clients include Montefiore Health System and Rauland-Borg. 


Dr. Bonzo's research includes work on agile operations, quality improvement, team communication, and strengths-based leadership. She is interested in the use and development of network analysis and design structure matrices to examine the technical complexity of processes. On the human side of the sociotechnical system, Dr. Bonzo is interested in the role of personnel development, human factors, mindfulness, and pattern-based learning.


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Awards and honors

Open SUNY Ambassador 2015

National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellow (2007-2010)