Tips for effective Chancellor Award and Distinguished Rank applications

Guidelines for submitting nominations for Chancellor's Award and Distinguished Rank applications

General tips for all applications

  • Organize folder by criteria
  • Evidence should be strongly linked to specific criteria
  • May want to include both quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Evidence of statewide, regional and national activity should be included as appropriate
  • Request and include letters of support that address specific criteria (give examples to support excellence for criteria)
  • Include complete vita with appropriate focus on area of award

Teaching award tips

  • Include personal teaching philosophy
  • Include student evaluations of faculty over time
  •  Include peer observations and evaluation of teaching
  • Include reflection of evaluations on teaching changes
  • Evidence can be such things as:

o   Syllabi from a variety of courses taught

o   Table of courses taught with student numbers and grade distribution

o   Student support letters (ask for the letters to address the criteria if possible)

o   Office hours schedule

o   Evidence of involvement with students outside of class

o   Graded assignments with written feedback

o   Examples of tests, quizzes, lab reports

o   Representative samples of instructional materials

o   List of student achievements pre- and post-graduation

  • Scholarship/creative activity should be grouped by type and peer and non-peer reviewed

Service award tips

  • Include personal service philosophy
  • Include letters of support from community and professional organizations
  • Ask letter writers to address criteria specific to the award
  • Include evidence of accomplishments and achievement of you or the group
  • Include examples of minutes as evidence of involvement
  • For each organization specify: length of term, years being chair of that organization or other officer, accomplishments of organization while a member, accomplishments while chair

Librarian award tips

  • Include personal librarianship philosophy
  • Include letters of support from a variety of constituencies
  • Include examples of presentations on and off campus

Scholarship and Creative Activities award tips

  • Include support letters, internal and external that recognize the contributions nationally and internationally
  • Include number of citations of work
  • Include reviews of productions or exhibits
  • Separate work by type and by peer and non-peer reviewed