Review of Academic Administrative Officers

A.            Purposes of the Review Conducted Every Five Years

  1. To clarify and communicate competencies important for effective administrator performance to administrators themselves and to the SUNY Oswego academic community;
  2. To provide constructive development feedback and recommendations for improvement to administrators that result in performance improvement;
  3. To generate specific administrator developmental action plans as appropriate; and
  4. To evaluate the administrator’s performance in terms of the person’s strengths, areas in need of improvement, and vision for the future.

B.             Procedures for Conducting Reviews at SUNY Oswego

  1. During the month of June, and prior to June 21st, the Provost, in consultation with the President, will notify academic officers who are scheduled to be reviewed during the upcoming academic year. This list includes: The Deans of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education and Graduate Studies & Research, and the Director of the Library.
    a. If the Provost is scheduled to be reviewed, s/he will be notified by the President.
    b. If the President is scheduled to be reviewed, s/he will be notified by the Chancellor.
  2. Following the procedures established in SUNY Oswego’s Faculty Bylaws, Appendix A: Policy on Selection and Review of Academic Administrative Officers, the administrative review committee(s) will be elected and in place by October 15th of the academic year. Composition and election of the review committees for administrative officers parallels those used to assemble the search committees for these persons. The Chair of the Faculty Assembly will initiate the committee election process early in the fall semester.
  3. The members of each review committee will convene to elect a chair by October 30th. The administrator(s) being reviewed will be notified of the membership of this committee, including the name of its elected chair soon thereafter.
  4. The administrator(s) being reviewed will submit the following three documents to the review committee chair by November 15:
    a. Summary of Administrative Achievements in support of the institutional mission and unit goals during Review Period
    b. Updated Resume (CV)
    c. Vision Statement regarding next Review Period
  5. Review committee members will review these materials and arrange to have a dialogue, via a formal meeting, with the administrator prior to the end of the fall semester. The purpose of this meeting is to allow committee members to discuss the administrator’s materials in further detail, and to give the administrator her/himself an opportunity to provide clarification if necessary. Minutes of this meeting will be taken and considered to be a part of the committee’s final summative report.
  6. The Academic Administrative Officer Review Evaluation instrument will be administered electronically; the chair of the review committee will coordinate this with the Office of Institutional Research. Individual responses to the survey will remain confidential. Persons who are eligible to complete the survey will be notified in advance of its administration.
  7. Composition of the population who will review academic administrators:
    a. President: all faculty and professional staff
    b. Provost: all faculty and professional staff
    c. Director of Library: all faculty and professional staff, all Library CSEA staff
    d. Dean of Graduate Studies & Research: all faculty members
    e. Dean of Arts & Sciences: all faculty and professional staff
    f. Dean of Business: all faculty and professional staff
    g. Dean of Education: all faculty and professional staff
  8.  Suggested Timeline:
    a. February 1 – 15: population of respondents notified by review committee chair
    b. February 15 – March 1: instrument is available for completion on line
    c. March 1 – May 1: results of the survey are summarized by committee with additional consultation if necessary prior to the completion of the final report
    d. May 1: Final Report (confidential) is submitted to:
                  For 7.a. President and Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee
                  For 7.b. Provost and President
                  For 7.c – g.  Administrative Officer, Provost & President
  9. The Committee’s final report will include its evaluation of the administrator in terms of the person’s strengths, areas in need of improvement, and vision for the future.
  10. The Academic Administrative Officer Review Committee has no further duties at this point, and is therefore discharged.

C.      Instrument Selected for Use Includes the Following Sections

      1.  Leadership Skills                  4. Organizational Skills
2. Communication Skills                  5. Knowledge & Expertise
3. Human Relation Skills