PLA Ad Hoc Committee Charge

The SUNY Oswego Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Ad Hoc Committee will recommend to the Provost a comprehensive institutional policy (or policy revision) and practices that advance SUNY Oswego’s pathways to higher education for Adult and Non Traditional Learners. Specifically, recommendations will be designed to provide access to higher education in ways that are: responsive to student and industry demands; motivate students to persist; gives more students the educational pathways they need to find their first job or advance in their careers; and that reaffirm SUNY Oswego’s commitment to academic rigor and quality.

In sum, the Ad Hoc Committee will:

  • Examine all relevant data
  • Review & communicate best practices
  • Review & communicate existing campus initiatives
  • Review & communicate existing SUNY Oswego policies
  • Discuss challenges and barriers
  • Recommend policies (or revisions to policies) and practices that will support campus efforts to increase meaningful, quality credentials offered.

The Ad Hoc Committee will engage in an open comment period with the campus community to refine its recommendations and will regularly communicate progress to the campus community.