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Membership 2000-01


M. Santiago 1999-2001

R. Mandel 2000-2001

S. Varhus, alt. 1999-2001

M. Nojan, alt 2000-2001


J. LeFlore 00-01

S. Saraydar, alt. 00-01


M. Thomas 00-02

S. Oertling, alt. 00-02


J. Brunson 99-01

K. Mohamed, alt 99-01

School of Business

Marketing and Management Dpt.

S. Abraham 00-02

K. Shaw 99-01

D. Zhang, alt 99-01

Accounting and Finance Dpt.

J. Carroll Sp 01 only

A. Ntoko, alt. Sp 01 only


L. Fuller 00-02

K. Hyde, alt 99-01

Communication Studies

Z. Bedy 00-01

J.K. Smith, alt 99-01

Computer Science

C. Graci

D. Lea, alt. 99-01

Counseling/ Psych Services

J. Gibson 99-01

M. LeBlanc, alt.

Curriculum & Instruction

H. Yang 99-01

L. Garzone 99-01

A. Hurley 99-01

M.Reeves, alt 99-01

J. Smith, alt 99-01

S. Weber, alt 99-01

Earth Science

R. Chaldu Sp 01 Only

D. Valentino, alt Sp 01 Only


S. Atri 00-02

R. Dighe, alt. 00-02

Educational Administration

L. Tinelli Sheive Sp 01


D. Hill 99-01

D. Vanouse 00-02

E. O’Shae, alt 00-02

T. Loe, alt 99-01

Health/ Phys. Ed.

S. Moore 00-02


S. Jackson 99-01

D. Conrad, alt. 99-01


M. Bennett 99-01

T. Larson, alt. 00-02


F. Barber 00-02

S. Fettes 00-02

M. Groman, alt 99-01

S. Reyner, alt 00-02

Modern Language

J. Alessia

T. Lewis, alt.


Shallit 00-02

D. Baer, alt


J. Chambers Sp 01 only

V. Ingram, alt Sp 01 only


Liebenauer 99-01

S. Matts, alt. 99-01


Political Science

W. Opello 98-00

S. Roso, alt


C. Kaus 00-02

G. Klatsky, alt. 00-02

D. Sargent 99-01

D. Hertzler, alt. 99-01

Professional Staff

G. Auleta 99-01

D. Shock

P. Pacitti, alt. 99-01

W. Ihlow, alt. 99-01

Public Justice

M. Ryniker 00-02


Christine Seekamp

Christopher M. Ponnozzo


M. Stuck 00-02

K. Reed, alt. 00-02


K. Bisbee 00-02


K. Macey 00-02

M. Cole, alt 00-02

Vocational Teacher Preparation (VTP)

M. Martin 00-02

E. Basualdo 99-01

Ex. Officio. Members

J. Presley, Provost

J. DeSantis, Interim, V. P. Bus./ Finance

J. Scharfenberger, V. P. Student Services

M. F. Stuck, Faculty Senator (alternate)

G. Auleta, UUP Representative

D. King, Faculty Assembly Chair

E. O’Shea, Faculty Senator