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2004-05 Councils

I. Councils of the Assembly

Personnel Policies Council   (Article XXI)
FAJ. CarrollAcct. Fin. & Law04--06
FAS. MooreHealth Prom. & Well.03--05
FAG. AuletaOffice of Learn. Serv.03--05
Non-FAC. PutalaCurric. & Instruc.04--06
Non-FAM. RynikerPublic Justice04--06
Non-FAM. LoePenfield Library03--05
Non-FAL. Dunne-SchmittEconomics03--05
Ex-OfficioG. AuletaUUP  
Academic Policies Council        (Article XIV)
FAS. FettesMathematics04--06
FAP. MurphyEnglish04--06
FAC. KaradjovCom. Studies03--05
Non-FAJ. LalandeModern Lang. & Lit.04--06
Non-FAJ. SmithCurric. & Instruc.04--06
Non-FAK. WolfordPsychology03--05
Non-FAP. BobrowskiMarketing & Mgt.03--05
StudentS. JonesSA Dir. Acad. Affairs04--05
Ex-OfficioS. Coultrap-McQuinVP Acad. Affairs/Provost 
Priorities and Planning Council   (Article XXII)
A/S HumanitiesL. PetersonHistory04--07
A/S Fine Arts & Libr.C. ClaboughArt04--07
A/S Soc. & Behav.T. DarvillPsychology03--06
A/S Nat Sci, Math, CSA. StammEarth Science02--05
School of EducationB. BeyerbachCurric. & Instruc.02--05
School of EducationR. BushTechnology04--07
School of BusinessD. CrawfordAcctg. Fin. & Law03--06
Prof. StaffK. EvansStudent Advisement02--05
Ex-OfficioS. Coultrap-McQuinVP Acad. Affairs/Provost 
Ex-OfficioJ. GrantVP Stud. Serv. & Enrollment 
Ex-OfficioK. MahaneyVP University Development 
Ex-OfficioS. CampChair Faculty Assembly 
Notes:One A/S representative must be FA  
 One Educ. or Bus. representative must be FA  
General Education Council  (Article XVII)
A/S HumanitiesC. LaLondeEnglish02--05
A/S Fine Arts & Libr.J. LaMannaMusic03--06
A/S Soc. & Behav.G. GrahamEconomics04--07
A/S Nat Sci, Math, CSL. FullerChemistry04--07
School of EducationD. ParsonsCurric. & Instruc.03--06
School of BusinessK. ShawMarketing & Mgt.03--05
StudentB. PattersonSA04--05
Ex-OfficioR. ColeDir. General Education 
Ex-OfficioR. MandelPresident's designee 
Information Technology Council   (Article XVIII)
FAC. ClaboughArt04--06
FAB. St.MichelHewitt Union Oper03--05
FAG. BaloglouMathematics03--05
Non-FAF. MessereCom. Studies04--06
Non-FAT. LarsonPenfield Library04--06
Non-FAH. RaoAcctg. Fin. & Law04--06
Non-FAJ. DongMarketing & Mgt.03--05
StudentK. SutherlandSA President04--05
Ex-OfficioM. SchoelerChief Technology Officer 
Ex-OfficioJ. KaneChair CTAB 
Graduate Council   (Article XIX)
FAS. AbrahamMarketing & Mgt.04--06
FAD. VanouseEnglish04--06
FAW. SilkyEducational Admin.03--05
Non-FAM. PanHistory04--06
Non-FAJ. PerdigueroArt04--06
Non-FAJ. SmithCurric. & Instruc.03--05
Non-FAC. BaltusMathematics03--05
Grad Student  04--05
Ex-OfficioD. KingInterim Graduate Dean 
Library Council   (Article XX)
FA  04--06
FAK. Kurst-SwangerPublic Justice03--05
FAP. CoxMarketing & Mgt.03--05
Non-FAT. RamalhoCurriculum & Instruction04--06
Non-FAM. KulikowskiHistory04--06
Non-FAR. GraeffCom. Studies03--05
Non-FAJ. RialTheatre03--05
Student  04--05
Ex-OfficioM.B. BellDirector of Libraries 
 M. SchoelerChief Technology Officer 
Admissions & Student Services Council   (Article XV)
FAT. GraberMusic04--06
FAB. WatermanCoun & Psych. Serv.03--05
FAS. AbrahamMarketing & Mgt.03--05
Non-FAC. WarkentinPolitical Science04--06
Non-FAC. ThompsonArt04--06
Non-FAR. YoungPublic Justice03--05
Non-FAG. KayHistory03--05
Student  04--05
Ex-OfficioJ. GrantVP Student Serv. & Enrollment 
Ex-OfficioJ. ScharfenbergerDean of Students 
Ex-OfficioR. Arroyo-SucreDirector OLS 
Ex-OfficioS. KnappCoordinator Disability Services 
Undergraduate Curriculum Council  (Article XXIV)
A/S Humanities  04--06
A/S Fine Arts & Libr.J. NicholsPenfield Library03--05
A/S Soc. & Behav.S. AtriEconomics04--06
A/S Nat Sci, Math, CSE. WenderholmComputer Science04--06
School of EducationP. RussoCurric. & Instruc.03--05
School of BusinessP. CoxMarketing & Mgt.03--05
Ex-OfficioA. WestfallRegistrar 
Academic Outreach Council  (Article XXV)
FAB. St.MichelHewitt Union04--06
FAJ. FioriniCPS04--06
FAR. MohammadiComputer Science03--05
Non-FAM. MosboMathematics04--06
Non-FAK. RoeArt04--06
Non-FAD. ValentinoEarth Science03--05
Non-FAF. KirkAcctg. Fin. & Law03--05
StudentS. Jones 04--05
Ex-OfficioY. PetrellaDir. Continuing Education 
Ex-OfficioT. IngramCoordinator Summer Sessions 
Ex-OfficioM. AmeighAsst Prov. Dist Learn & Info Res 
Ex-OfficioA. WestfallRegistrar 

II. Ad Hoc Committee

Campus Concept Committee   
College of Arts & Sci.M. FridayArt03--06
School of BusinessJ. HuonkerMarketing & Mgt.02--05
School of EducationJ. BeltTechnology03--06
Voting Fac or Prof. StaffA. WestfallRegistrar02--05
Voting Fac or Prof. StaffG. AuletaOLS/UUP04--07
Voting Fac or Prof. StaffC. GraciComputer Science02--05
Voting Fac or Prof. StaffD. HillEnglish02--05
Voting Fac or Prof. StaffT. LarsonPenfield Library02--05
Student AssociationK. BeckSA04--05
President DesigneeS. Coultrap-McQuinVP Acad. Affairs/Provost 
President DesigneeD. KingAsst. for Inst. Planning 
President DesigneeS. VarhusDean Arts & Science 
President DesigneeJ. GrantVP Stud. Serv. & Enrollment 
President DesigneeJ. DeSantis*Assoc. VP Facilities Mgt. 
President DesigneeJ. ScharfenbergerDean of Students 
President DesigneeM. FlahertyDirector Aux. Services 
President DesigneeC. WalpoleCSEA/Registrar's 
Faculty Assembly S. Camp*FA Chair 
 * Co-chairs  

III. Appointments to Non FA Committees

Auxiliary Services Board   
 W. BoschCOLT/Computer Sci. 04--07
 J. LaMannaMusic02--05
 B. UchtorffPenfield Library03--06
Student Association Senate   
 A. WestfallRegistrar04--05
 R. AulerMusic04--05
 J. LaMannaMusic04--05