2000-01 Councils

Academic Policies Council

FA J. Leflore 00-02

FA C. Kaus 00-02

FA D. Hill 99-01

M. Groman 99-01

R. Dighe 00-02

T. Pieraccini 99-01

J. Smith (chr) 00-02

Ex. Off., J Presley, Provost


Admissions Council

FA H. Shock 00-02

FA J. Brunson 00-02

FA C. Santos 99-01

R. Young 99-01

C. Baltus 00-02

E. Dunne Schmidt 00-02

D. Crawford 99-01

Ex. Off. J. Grant, Dir. Adm.


Computing Services Council

FA L. Fuller 00-02

FA R. Ballentine 00-02

FA D. Sargent (chr) 99-01

J. Kane 00-02

R. Skolnik 00-01

F. Messere 00-02

T. Larson 99-01

Ex. Off. M. Pisa, Admin. Comp. Center

Rameen Mohammadi, Computer Science

P. Voninski, Inst. Comp. Center


Library Council

M. Bruch(chr) Sp 01 only

FA J. Gibson 00-01

FA M. Bennett 99-01

B. Betz 00-02

M. Kulikowski 00-02

S. Luxmore 00-01

Ex Officio- M. B. Bell


Graduate Council

FA J. Gibson 00-02

FA W. Silky 00-01

FA S. Abraham 00-02

C.Spector 00-02

T. Loe (chr) 99-01

J. Smith 00-02

R. O‘Donnell 00-01

Ex. Off., Jack Narayan, Graduate Dean

Grad student ________________

Long Range Policy Council

S. Kane 98-?

J. Shindler 98-?

D. Michaels 98-?

Bus. Rep 98-?

Bus. rep A. Ntoko 98-?

J. LaManna 98-?

Human. rep ____________ 98-?

Soc. Sci. rep ____________ 98-?

  1. Graci 98-?

Ex. Off., J. Presley, Provost,

D. King, FA Chair

Personnel Policies Council

FA W. Opello (chr) 00-01

FA S. Fettes 00-02

FA G. Auleta 99-01

P. Voninski 00-02

S. Weber 00-02

J. Carroll 99-01

R. Cole 99-01

*Ex. Off. G. Auleta UUP rep.


Priorities and Planning Council

*one person must be FA

*3yr terms

A/S Hum.: D. Conrad 98-01

A/S Fine Arts &Lib.: F. Messere 98-01

A/S Soc & Behv Sci: P. Voninski 00-03

A/S Nat. Sci.: A. Stamm (chr) 99-02

ED: B. Beyerbach 00-02

BUS.: R. Lipsig 00-03

ED: R. Bush 00-01

Prof. Staff:

Ex. Off. Provost, Fac. Senator, and FA Chair

Student Services Council

FA L. Fuller (chr) 00-02

FA K. Bisbee 00-02

FA ______________ 00-01

  1. Westfall 99-01

J. Conway 00-02

N. Peterson 00-02

S. Gabel 99-01

Ex. Off. J. Scharfenberger, Interim, Dean of Students


Summer Session/ Cont. Ed. Council

FA M. Martin 00-02

FA H. Yang 00-02

FA ____________ 00-01

T. Tiballi 00-02

B. Shaffer 00-02

C. Clabough 00-01

G. English 99-01

Ex. Off. Y. Petrella, Dir. SS/CE


III. Standing Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

A/S: B. Judd (chr) 00-02

A/S: S. Roby 00-02

A/S: S. Oertling 99-01

ED: ________ 00-02

ED: A. Hurley 99-01

BUS.: G. Williams 99-01

Auxiliary Services* 3 yr terms

C. Graci 98-01

R. Ballentine 99-02

B. Bosch 00-03

Board of General Education

(* 3 yr terms)

Soc. Sci.: S. Atri 98-01

Nat. Sci.: S. Gabel 98-01

Humanities: C. Lalonde 99-02

Liberal Arts: R. Mohammadi 00-03

Educ: J. Smith 00-03

Bus.: K. Shaw 00-03

Ex. Off. D. Bozak Rep. of Pres.

  1. Deal, Dir. Gen. Ed.

(Liberal Arts = Library, Math, Computer Science, Health and Phys. Ed)

Professional Development Committee

A/S: V. Ingram 99-01

A/S: B. Shaffer 00-01

ED: _________ 00-02

BUS.: D. Zhang 00-02

Prof. Staff: _________ 00-02

Ex. Off. W. Bosch, Center for Teaching & Innovation

Student Association Senate

________ 99-01

________ 99-01

________ 99-01

IV. Ad Hoc Committees

Distance Learning

Barb Shaffer

J. Nicholos

L. Maher

J. Kans


M. Ameigh, Ex. Officio

Y. Petrella, Ex. Officio

D. King Ex Officio


Administrative Appeals Board

(one faculty nominee appointed by Pres. for one yr term))

J. Shallit 00-01

Judicial Advisory Panel

(one faculty nominee appointed by Pres. for one yr term)

B. Altshuler 00-01

Mediation Panel

(three faculty selected jointly by Student Services Council and SA for two yr terms)

B. Betz 00-02

R. Young 00-02

Fac. rep.__________ 00-02

Student Conduct Committee

(three fac. reps.and one alt.with 2 yr terms appointed by FA chair)

C. Hebblethwaite 99-01

N. Peterson 00-02

M. Ryniker 99-01

D. Curry, alt. 00-02

Honors Program Board(?)

M. Stuck

L. Peterson

M. Cole

M. Groman

L. Garzone

Campus Concept Committee

(1 rep from each school + 5 at large)

* three yr terms

C.Graci (at large) 99-02

D.Hill (at large) 99-02

Ed.: D. Feck 00-03

A. Lackey (at large) 00-03

A+S: D. Sargent 00-03

C. Hebblethwaite (at large) 99-02

Sue Camp (at large) 98-01

Bus.: J. Dong 00-03

Prof. Staff K. Gublo 99-02

S. A. rep _________ 00-01

VP J. Grant

Provost rep S. Varhus

Pres. rep C. Rush

Dean- Students J. Scharfenberger

Aux Ser. M. Flaherty

CSEA C. Walpole

VP J. DeSantis (co-chair)

FA Chair (Ex. Off.)D. King (co-chair)

Committee on Learning and Teaching

R. Arroyo-Sucre


W. Bosch

J. Brunson

  1. Condra

B. Delsavio

V. Doody



M. Kulikowski

L. King

R. Mandel

L. Mayo

T. Morey (co chair and conveynor)

J. Narayan

S. Oertling

P. Pacitti

M. Pan

P. Rosenbaum

J. Schneider

S. Weber (co chair)

J. Vermilye

P. Youngsmaher

Oswego Web Policy Advisory Coucil

FA rep. H. Yang