Soma Mei Sheng Frazier

Assistant Professor


320 Marano Campus Center

Office hours

FALL 2019
Tuesday and Thursday
12:40 - 2:10
or by appointment


Classes taught


CRW 205/800 TR 11:10-12:30 256 Marano CC
CRW 313/800 TR 2:20-3:40 231 Marano CC
ENG 102/720 TR 9:35-10:55 256 Marano CC

CRW 205 POETRY WRITING: INTRODUCTORY - An introductory course in the reading and writing of poetry. A premise of this course is that reading and writing are reciprocal activities. A goal of this course is to make that reciprocity legible. To that end, students will learn to read poetry (their own, their classmates’ and that of published writers) rhetorically, acquiring two vocabularies, two languages almost; that of poetic practice and prosody, and that of critique.

CRW 313 DIGITAL STORYTELLING: A basic introduction to creating narrative in and for digital platforms. Prerequisite: three credits in English or Creative Writing, or instructor permission.

ENG 102 COMPOSITION II (ENG, CRW, ADOL. ED/CHILD ED MAJORS): A composition course designed to instruct the student in rhetorical modes and the basic techniques of expository prose in critical reading, and in research methods.


CRW 205/820 TR 2:20-3:40 231 Marano CC
CRW 208/830 TR 3:55-5:15 232 Marano CC
CRW 313/800 TR 11:10-12:30 313 Park Hall