Jessie Moore

Adjunct Instructor


309 Marano Campus Center

Office hours

Tuesday & Thursday
10:00 - 12:30
or by appointment

Classes taught


CRW 208/820 TR 12:45-2:05 323 Marano CC
CRW 308/800 TR 2:20-3:40 323 Marano CC

CRW 208 CREATIVE NONFICTION WRITING: INTRODUCTORY-CRW 208 is an introductory workshop in nonfiction. Students will read and discuss the work of established writers and will become familiar with creative writing skills such as crafting scenes, using dialogue effectively, and building strong characters and themes.  They will complete short exercises and write a full-length essay.  Students will improve their writing skills, share constructive criticism in a workshop setting, begin to build a critical vocabulary and become familiar with the genre of nonfiction.

CRW 308 CREATIVE NONFICTION WRITING: INTERMEDIATE-CRW 308 is an intermediate nonfiction workshop.  Students will read and discuss creative nonfiction by established writers, write their own essays, and critique the work of their peers.  Students will conduct various forms of research to establish mastery over chosen subject matter.  They will investigate technical and aesthetic aspects of the genre, and ponder ethical questions, such as “what is truth?” and “do I have a right to use other people’s stories as my own?”  One full-length essay as well as several short pieces will be required.  CRW 208 is a prerequisite.