Minors and double majors

Because criminal justice is a multidisciplinary major, many students use some of their 21 hours of major electives toward a second major or a minor. The most common of these, since they include criminal justice major electives, are anthropology, human development, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. Students should consult the College Catalog for the requirements for majors in these fields. Because faculty in these disciplines advise for criminal justice, we are generally able to arrange for a student with a double major to have a single advisor with expertise in both programs.

There are also a number of excellent second-major fields that offer few or no criminal justice electives. Some of these are business administration, communications studies, computer science, English and foreign languages (especially Spanish). Students desiring a second major in one of these disciplines need to plan their programs carefully in order to graduate on time but often find that this extra work pays off in personal satisfaction, as well as in the job market. You should also be aware that the college allows a student to complete a second major that ordinarily awards a BS degree even if his or her first major awards a BA, and vice versa.

Finally, be aware that there are many other multidisciplinary majors and minors offered at SUNY Oswego. These include African/African-American studies, American studies, forensic science, linguistics, Native American studies, and gender and women's studies.

Please note
You are permitted to have two majors and one minor or one major and two minors.