Department computer lab policies
The Computer Science Department maintains labs for student use. Lab availability schedules can be found outside of the labs (Shineman 448 & 436) as well as the Computer Science office (Shineman 396).

Department account usage policy
These accounts are primarily intended to support courses offered in the following areas:

Alumni anecdotes

Kurt M. Vander Bogart, '76

I can remember waiting 2 to five hours to receive a printout from punched cards for about 25 lines of code. Every student computer project at Oswego was batch - punch a card - insert it in the deck and wait. If you made a mistake you would punch another card insert it in the deck and wait. Today the Net is somewhat faster!

After Oswego, expanded

Applications Analyst
Eastman-Kodak Company - Rochester, NY

Application Programmer
Gould Pumps - Seneca Falls, NY

Assistant Software Engineer
Grumman Aerospace Corp - Bethpage, NY

Associate Analyst
Carrier Corporation - Syracuse, NY

Associate Software Engineer
Raytheon Company - Bedford, Mass
General Dynamics - San Diego, CA

Associate Systems Analyst
Grumman Data Systems - Holtsville, N Y

After Oswego

The computer industry is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Many of our graduates have completed our program and found success in graduate school and careers in software and app development, system administration, quality assurance and mobile technologies. (See expanded list.)

Some of our recent grads are currently: