After Oswego, expanded

Applications Analyst
Eastman-Kodak Company - Rochester, NY

Application Programmer
Gould Pumps - Seneca Falls, NY

Assistant Software Engineer
Grumman Aerospace Corp - Bethpage, NY

Associate Analyst
Carrier Corporation - Syracuse, NY

Associate Software Engineer
Raytheon Company - Bedford, Mass
General Dynamics - San Diego, CA

Associate Systems Analyst
Grumman Data Systems - Holtsville, N Y

Business Analyst
Carrier Corporation - Syracuse, NY

Computer Analyst
Grumman Aerospace Corp - Bethpage, NY

Computer Engineer
Moore Research Company - Grand Island, NY

Computer Engineering Lab Technician
AT&T - Middletown, New Jersey

Computer Marketing Representative
Tandy Corporation - Austin, Texas

Computer Programmers|
IBM - Endicott, NY
Sperry Corporation - Great Neck, NY
Banque De L'Union Europenne - NYC
Xerox Corporation - Rochester, NY
Coyne International - Syracuse, NY
Pyramid Technology - California
Custom Solutions, Inc - Rochester, NY
GTE Data Systems - Tampa, Florida
AT&T - Somerset, New Jersey
Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co - Mass
Computer Programmer/Consultant
DeLime Associates - Montvale, NJ

Computer Sales
Tops Appliance City - Edison, NY

Courseware Development Specialist
General Electric Company -Liverpool, NY

Data Administrator

Xerox Corporation - Rochester, NY

Data Admin/Production Support

MONY - Syracuse, NY

Data Control
Great Lakes Carbon Corp - New York, NY

Data Processing Director
Clay Park Labs, Inc - Bronx, NY

Data Processing Manager
Nicki-Lu Industries - Miami, Florida

Data Processing Trainee

The NPD Group - Port Washington, NY

Engineering Trainee
Norden Systems - New York, NY

EDP Auditor
Coopers & Lybrand - New York , NY

Field Specialist
Par Micro Systems Corp - New Hartford

Financial Consultant
ITT - Elmhurst, Illinois

Installation & Test Specialist
General Electric Company - Syracuse, NY

Junior Engineer
Raytheon Company - Boston, Mass

Junior Programmer
Deerfield Systems, Inc - Utica, NY

Manager of Computer Facilities
Azalea Acres - Fairfax Station, Virginia

Missile Systems Development
Raytheon Missile Systems - Bedford, Mass

United Technologies of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft -  East Hartford, CT
Bristol Myers - Syracuse, NY
AT&T - Fairfax, Virginia
Tompkins County Trust Co - Ithaca, NY
Rotelcom - Fairport, NY

E-Systems, Inc - Falls Church, Virginia
Monit or Systems Group, Inc - McLean, Virginia
Citicorp Investment Bank - New York, NY
General Electric Company - Syracuse, NY
Broome Community College - Binghamton, NY
Marsh & McLenna, Inc - New York, NY
New York State Dept of Health - Albany, NY
Verax Systems, Inc - Fairport, NY
Reuters International - Farmingdale, NY
American Computer Timesharing - Pompano Beach, Fla
Carrier Corporation - Syracuse, NY

Gotham Lawyer's Service - New York, NY

Programmer Trainees
Synthesis Consulting, Inc - Syracuse, NY
Mutual of New York - Syracuse, NY

Quality Assurance Analyst
Butler Assurance Group - Rochester, NY

Research Assistant/Jr Programmer
Science Applications International Corporation

Sales/Marketing Representative
The Computer Factory - New York, NY
NCR Corporation - Jamaica, NY

Scientific Programmers
Eaton Corporation - Melville, NY
New Methods Research, Inc - Jamesville, NY
Smith Corona Laboratories

Senior Associate
CACI, Inc (Federal) - Arlington, VA

Senior Computer Programmer
NYS Dept of Social Services - NYC

Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst
State of New York - Albany, NY

Senior Systems Analyst
McAuto Systems Group - Menands, NY

Software Engineers
General Electric Company - Syracuse, NY
GTE Sylvania - Mt View, California
Cloett, Peabody, Inc - Troy, NY
Technology Applications, Inc - Jacksonville, Fla
Raytheon Company (Missile Div) - Burlington, Mass
Grumman Data Systems - Holbrook, NY
Wang Laboratories - Lowell, Mass

Software Support Specialist
Genigraphics - Liverpool, NY

Software Technician
Soft Tech - Waltham, Massachusetts

Systems Analyst
Burroughs Corporation - Detroit, Michigan

Systems Engineer
Electronic Data Systems - Warren, Michigan

Systems Managers
Colgate University - Hamilton, NY
AT&T - Morristown, New Jersey

Systems Programmers
IBM - Gaithersburg, Maryland
Cornell University - Cornell, NY
Chase Lincoln First Bank - Rochester, NY

Technical Analyst
Xerox Corporation - Webster, NY

Technical Rep/Systems Development
Information System Services - White Plains, NY

Technical Support Representative
The Software Group - Ballston Lake, NY