About us

The Center for Urban Schools works to help the School of Education meet its commitment to teaching for social justice. We also work to help them establish a presence in schools where student poverty rates are the highest, student diversity is the norm, educational resources are extremely scarce, and where student achievement, as well as teacher availability are the lowest; namely New York State urban schools.

Our goals align with others on campus such as the School of Education Diversity Committee; Project SMART Professional Development efforts; and the campus Admissions offices. To reach these goals the Center for Urban Schools serves as a resource center for communication between prospective undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty and representatives from agencies who are interested in urban education issues, or engaged in urban education activities.


  • Increasing the number of education graduates who take positions in urban schools.
  • Increasing the number and quality of urban placements for pre-teachers.
  • Supporting urban teachers via partnership arrangements.
  • Maintaining partnerships with other urban educators (schools, universities and agencies).
  • Supporting faculty, pre-teachers and graduate students in their study and/or urban education partnership work.
  • Increasing the number of urban students in the education programs.
  • Seeking funds to support a variety of urban education initiatives.