Membership 2023-2024

Representation Name Department / Office Term
Chair Elizabeth Schmitt Economics 23-24
Co-Chair (President Designee) Mitch Fields Associate VP Facilities Services 23-24
President Designee Kristin Croyle Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 23-24
President Designee Kathleen Kerr Vice President for Student Affairs 23-24
President Designee Kristi Eck Assistant Vice President of Workforce Innovation and External Relations 23-24
President Designee Laura Spenceley Dean, School of Education 23-24
President Designee Jamal Coleman Director of Operations   23-24
President Designee Steve McAfee Auxiliary Services 23-24

President Designee

Sarah Weisman Penfield Library & Reference Center 23-24
President Designee Victoria Furlong Ex-Officio 23-24
President Designee Colleen Dewine CSEA 23-24

Membership By-Laws

  1. A representative of the College Council and the Student Association president are ex-officio and non-voting
  2. Co-chairs -- the president shall appoint one chair; the Faculty Assembly shall select the other chair
  3. The college president shall appoint eight representatives, including administration, classified staff, professional staff, the director of facilities services, a representative from the SUNY Foundation, and two representatives from residence life and housing and from campus life.
  4. The Faculty Assembly shall elect eight members to the committee from the voting faculty or the professional staff group. The first members elected shall serve three-year terms and shall be voting faculty or staff, one each from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; School of Communication, Media and the Arts; the School of Business; and the School of Education. The next two elected shall have two-year terms, and the last two elected shall have one-year terms. After the initial election, all terms shall be three years.
  5. Two student representatives shall be selected by the Student Association.
  6. A representative from the Campus Technology Services shall be selected. 


  1. To provide leadership and coordination for long-range physical space and facilities planning, which recognizes the primary academic function of the institution; to assess needs, and to propose priorities to appropriate governance bodies for the next 10 years.
  2. To acquire an institutional perspective relative to the emerging Campus Concept.
  3. To assess current and emerging needs for facilities renovations through extensive consultation with all appropriate constituencies.
  4. To recommend priorities for action to the president that are consistent with the long-range plan.


  1. The committee shall prepare and present periodic reports to the Faculty Assembly and to the college community.
  2. Recommendations to the college administration shall be first reported out to the Faculty Assembly for its comment.