Alma Mater

Enjoy the strains of the SUNY Oswego Alma Mater (mp3 file)(text below), lyrics credited to Laura Brookman, as performed by the Oswego State Singers under the direction of Stanley Gosek of Oswego's music faculty in February 1995. Recording engineer was David Kobernuss of the music department. Thanks to Jon Vermilye of the theatre department who tracked down and then transferred the recording to digital format. This sound file is copyright © SUNY Oswego.

SUNY Oswego Alma Mater 
Voices fill the air singing reverently
Pledging our school fair truth and loyalty
This our song we raise in her name and praise
Oswego, Alma Mater, Hail to Thee

Ever in our heart you will cherished be
All that you impart makes us bound to thee
And our college days we'll recall always
Oswego, Alma Mater, gloriously

Wisdom pure and bright, light our way to see
All the good and right where e're we may be
So that all we do will pay tribute to
Oswego, Alma Mater, endlessly.

There is also an older version of the Alma Mater from when SUNY Oswego was the Oswego Normal School. That Alma Mater was sung to the music of "Die Lorelei" (a German folksong). The text follows:

O blue are Ontario's waters, and fair in the sunset glow
But fairer, O Alma Mater, is the sights thy children know
Then hail, all hail, to Oswego, to our Normal School so dear,
Roam we the wide world over, our hearts, our hearts, they are here.