Graduate Program

History MA

The Department of History offers graduate courses for individuals enrolled in the MA program in History as well as students in other graduate programs. The MA in History has been designed to provide students with knowledge of history and training in historical research for a variety of careers including teaching at the community college or high school level, law, public and government service, publishing, museum work, law enforcement, diplomacy, research and many others. The program also prepares students to apply to doctoral programs in History.

Should you have any question about the program please contact the program director Professor Gwen Kay by e-mail ( or call 315-312-3418.

Graduate faculty in History
US History: Byrne, Kay, Marshall, McCune, Salisbury
European History: Kulikowski, Mack, Parsons
Global History:  Hernandez, Pan, Usuanlele
Women's History: Kay, McCune.