History (MA)

Master of Arts
Understanding history is the key to a better future. SUNY Oswego’s History MA program is designed to give you the knowledge of history and training in historical research to prepare you for a wide variety of careers or for your pursuit of a Ph.D.
Work with knowledgeable faculty

You’ll learn from a distinguished faculty made up of published scholars, seasoned historians and award winning professors. You will learn the importance of disciplined methods of inquiry and interpretation, as well as empathy and imagination, working with faculty members who also serve as your mentors.

Adapt your education to you

You can fit your graduate education to match your interests. You can pick two fields of specialization from European, American, Global or Women's History, and combine your studies with courses in American Studies, Native American Studies and others.

Four tracks

Further tailor your education to your future endeavors by choosing one of four tracks in the program: a research/thesis option if you plan on pursuing further education; directed study for in-depth examination of existing literature; a teaching track to learn the skills to teach at the college level; or applied history to prepare for a career in museum work, historical societies, government agencies and more.

Ready to apply?
Admission requirements
Official transcripts showing confirmation of a Bachelor's degree
GPA of at least 3.0
Purpose Statement
Indicate your purpose for applying to this master’s degree program. Identify any particular area of interest within the major field you are applying to, your plans for future occupation and/or profession and any additional information which may be of help in evaluating your preparation and your fitness for graduate study at SUNY Oswego.
Two letters of recommendation
(Must be from history professors)
GRE test scores
Sample research paper
(minimum ten pages)
Application deadline
August 15 (Suggested)
Length of program
30 credit hours
Application Fee
$65 application fee
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Vincent Intondi, '03, is now a tenured history professor at Seminole State and director of research at the American University Nuclear Studies Institute.

History may focus on the past, but it shaped one SUNY Oswego graduate alum's future. Vincent Intondi, '03, took his master's degree in history and used it to build a rewarding career in...