Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are designed to help ease the transition from the community college to SUNY Oswego. They provide students, who have, or will have, achieved an Associates Degree, a well drawn plan for the program they are transferring into. SUNY Oswego has many agreements with local and regional community colleges and more are being developed.

Check out the current list of Articulation Agreements.

In addition to specific articulation agreements SUNY Oswego upholds all Seamless Transfer policies. To learn more about SUNY and Transfer Policies please click here.

The basics of Transferring to Oswego:

  • We accept up to 60 credits from a two year institution and 90 credits from a four year institution.
  • If a student has completed the SUNY General Education or the equivalent of SUNY GER then they are exempt from Oswego’s specific general education requirements. To learn more about SUNY’s General Education requirements please click here. 

A few things to help you plan a Transfer to Oswego: