In addition to its campus assets, the natural beauty, location, skilled workforce, bustling port and family-friendly nature of the Oswego community and Central New York can offer an attractive environment for businesses looking to enhance the local economy.

Oswego County and Central New York house an educated, motivated workforce that can support a range of current businesses, expansions and startups. The region currently employs many in industries including education, energy, manufacturing, services, transportation, construction and business operations small and large. For more information and statistics on Oswego County's 120,000+ residents and its workforce, visit the Operation Oswego County website.

Demographics and workforce education

Oswego County's educational pipeline is solid and diverse. In addition to the more than 8,000 students in over 100 programs of study at SUNY Oswego, the county also houses a Cayuga Community College branch with around 1,100 students. Distance learning, specialized training and professional development for learners of many ages are available through the college as well as Oswego County BOCES. With 46 elementary and secondary schools and outstanding day care centers, Oswego builds outstanding citizens throughout their lives.


One key draw is the Port of Oswego Authority,  whose strategic location at the crossroads of the Northeastern North American shipping market puts Oswego less than 350 miles from 60 million people. Extend that to 750 miles and you'll reach half of the United States and Canadian population, and half of their business and manufacturing facilities. The location at the Southeastern point of Lake Ontario lets the port be a leader not only as a domestic partner, but as a leading international port. The Port of Oswego is one of the most productive in North America with nearly 120 vessels and more than one million tons of cargo moving through on an annual basis.

Additional transportation hubs in Oswego County include near 2,000 miles of highways, easy access to key highways Route 81 and Route 90/New York State Thruway. Syracuse's Hancock International Airport is within easy reach, while the Oswego County Airport accommodates business, industry and private aviation. You can also connect to an active CSX rail system and the state's 525-mile canal system.

Health care

Oswego County has a health-care network available to all ages. The Oswego Health system supports citizens from pre-birth to maturity, while a variety of entities offer elder care in many settings. Health care as a field is ripe for job and growth opportunities in Central New York.


Lake Ontario with its connected waterways and the natural beauty of the region that first attracted settlers still remains a draw to near and far. Oswego County's world-class sportsfishing, countless outstanding opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, community parks, living history through Fort Ontario and maritime museums, festivals like Harborfest, multiple farmers' markets, recreational athletic leagues and much more. The Visit Oswego County website offers more information about activities for residents and visitors alike.