In addition to our community assets, SUNY Oswego's academic programs and setting provide a number of opportunities for those looking to start or expand businesses seeking campus partnerships.

Computational Sciences and Technological Innovation
Major degree programs and certificate programs support this strength: 
· Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Science, Software Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cognitive Science, Health Informatics and Integrated Health Systems
Programs are oriented to solves complex problems and cross-pollinate ideas between and among discrete disciplines in science, health and engineering. We have particular focus in robotics, automation, controls and processes on manufacturing industries, energy, environmental, health and telecommunication systems.

Accounting, Finance, Marketing in the School of Business
This strength is supported by major degree programs:
· Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management and Information Systems, Risk Management and Insurance, MBA/Management (including online MBA/Management), MBA/Public Accounting and MBA/Health Services Administration
Program minors in International Business and Arts Management as well as a Psychology BA/MBA offer unique combinations of broad knowledge systems.

Communications and Culture
This strength is supported by degree and certificate programs: 
· Broadcasting-Mass Communication, Public Relations, Health Communications and Journalism
Programs focus on social and economic effects of new and mass media, new media interactivity, broadcasting, health communications, cross-cultural communications and public relations.

International Education Experiences, Global Issues
This strength is supported by degree programs plus deep and wide experiential opportunities:
· Global and International Studies, Language and International Trade, Peace and Conflict Studies, Biocultural Anthropology and Global Laboratory research experiences at international partner university sites
The focus is on the complex social, economic and cultural issues faced in the knowledge-based economy. Strong competencies are represented in ethno-racial and ethno-cultural diversity and the interplay between values and public policy.

Aging and Health
This strength is supported by degree and certificate programs:
· Human Development, Health Promotion and Wellness, Gerontology, Mental Health Counseling, MBA/Health Services Administration and Trauma Studies
Offerings address community health issues including family health and wellness, family outreach, health care and health care design.

Natural and Built Environment
Focusing on our compelling environment, this strength is drawn on degree and certificate programs:
· Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Meteorology, Zoology, Geochemistry, Technology Management, Agricultural Education and a Minor in SustainabilityProgram activity coalesces around management of the environment and utilization of natural resources, ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, sustainable energy, water resources, agriculture and built environment.

Creative Capital 
This strength is supported by stimulating degree and certificate programs:
· Cinema and Screen Studies, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Music, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Programs focus on arts and design technologies, visualization, gaming and technology, film and music/audio cognition.

Innovative Education and Assessment
This strength is supported by degree and certificate programs:
· TESOL Education, Childhood Education, Adolescence Education and Linguistics
Programs provide new ways of educating and assessing special needs and special education, bilingualism and ESL, STEM training and certification and critical pedagogy in high-needs schools.