July 17, 2020 - 8:32am

Dear Employees,

In a continued effort to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, and in order to meet the New York State requirement for daily screenings, effective immediately, all employees (SUNY Oswego and Syracuse campus) must attest to their health status each day that the employee is physically present and working on campus. This includes non-State employees. This will be accomplished by a symptom self-check and completing an electronic Daily Employee Health Screening Form.  

  • All employees working on campus will be required to attest, prior to coming to campus each day, that they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • If you do not feel well and have any symptoms of illness, you should not come to campus, follow up with your supervisor, and contact your healthcare provider. 
  • If you are not experiencing symptoms before you come to work and begin to have symptoms while at work, please complete the form again, notify your supervisor you are leaving the workplace, and contact your healthcare provider. 
  • Employees who are telecommuting and working remotely from home do not need to complete the Daily Employee Health Screen.

Each time an employee submits the Daily Employee Health Screening Form, you will receive an email indicating that your screening form has been successfully received. Supervisors will receive a copy of the email to the employee so they are informed that the employee is compliant for that day. If you are unable to report to work, you must follow your department’s normal call-in procedure.

Supervisors should ensure that all employees working on campus under their supervision have submitted the Daily Employee Health Screening form. Supervisors should follow up with any individual who may be working on campus and has not completed the daily health screen to ensure it gets completed.

Any student employee who is on campus this summer should complete the same daily health screening as a SUNY Oswego employee until further notice and health screening instructions for students are available from Health Services.  

The form is mobile friendly and can be accessed and submitted from your mobile phone. Access to the Daily Employee Health Screening Form is also available on the Oswego Forward website.  For technical issues, please contact CTS Help Desk. For any other questions, please contact Human Resources at hr@oswego.edu

We all need to be vigilant and monitor our own health.  By completing the Daily Health Screen, you are helping to ensure the safety and public health of the SUNY Oswego campus community.


Amy Plotner
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources