Why live on campus at SUNY Oswego? From a sense of community to convenience to the opportunity to get involved, several students offer their reasons and impressions of the residence life experience.

“I live on campus because I just love the student body and I appreciate diversity a lot,” said senior human development and sociology major Sonya Kedarnath.

“I like the environment, the community,” said junior public relations major Cloey Olkowski. “Everyone is so close to where you are so it's so easy to meet people and meet up with your friends.”

Inclusive, convenient

“And when they have programs also really, like, fun and they try to include everybody,” said Kendall Edwards, a freshman education major. “And, like, my RA will just knock on the door like ‘hey, do you wanna play a game?’ And I'm like, 'I would but I have homework or like yeah, sure I'll come down in five minutes.’”

“I really like having the service dogs come into the dorms every year,” said junior broadcasting major Ryan Butkowski. “It really helps around exam time. They help destress and we get to go pet them and everything, they're really cute so.”

“The convenience of everything being so close by has really helped with me acclimating to college,” said Giovanni Rodriguez, a freshman dual cinema and screen studies and theater major.

“If I have a break in between classes I don't have to drive home off campus and then come back for another class,” Olkowski noted. “And, like, events and stuff going on, you know everything that's going on especially if you're on campus, you know a little bit more.”

“Campus transportation, the bus system, is really helpful to getting around campus," Rodriguez explained. “The dining halls, I'm like, just there's one everywhere you look. You just have to go to a certain part of campus and there's one close by so that helps with between classes and just like getting around and getting fed."

“If I had to choose one word to define it I would say 'inclusive,'” Edwards said. “Because I definitely feel included with everything that's going on on campus.”

“I enjoy living on campus because it's made me a better person academically, socially, and mentally,” Rodriguez said.

For more information about living on campus at SUNY Oswego, visit the Residence Life and Housing website.