SUNY Oswego’s 2015 Warren Steinkraus Lecture on Human Ideals, on Saturday, Oct. 3, will feature Dr. Jonathan Riley, an expert on the work of John Stuart Mill, a 19th century philosopher who significantly contributed to modern political theory.

Riley, a professor of philosophy and political economy at Tulane University, will speak at 2:15 p.m. in the Historic Lecture Hall, Room 222 of Sheldon Hall. The presentation, “Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Mill’s Political Philosophy and American Ideals,” is free and open to the public.

An Oxford-educated scholar, Riley’s primary focus involves interpreting Mill’s political and moral thought in relation to modern theories of democracy and social justice. His books, “Mill on Liberty” and “Liberal Utilitarianism: Social Choice Theory and J.S. Mill’s Philosophy,” join his published collection of more than 70 articles. The journal Ethics published Riley’s “Is Mill an Illiberal Utilitarian?” in its April issue.

A founding and current editor of the journal Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Riley also was the first holder of the Visiting J.S. Mill Chair in Social Philosophy at the University of Hamburg.

The philosophy department’s annual lecture series—this year’s is the 27th—has honored Warren Steinkraus since 1988. The late SUNY Oswego professor was co-founder of numerous philosophical societies. He was also an associate editor of the philosophy journal Idealistic Studies. Steinkraus, who died in 1990, consistently demonstrated genuine commitment to ideals such as equality, peace, nonviolence and aesthetic quality.

The Oswego College Foundation manages a fund supporting the lecture series, thanks to donations from many friends of Steinkraus and his family.

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