This video is part of an ongoing series covering all 24 varsity teams of student-athletes at Oswego.

For student-athletes on Oswego's track and field (indoor and outdoor) and cross country teams, the experience is all about continuous improvement, fun and a family atmosphere.

"The more you work, the better you get, so you have to put the effort in and you can see results from that," said Samantha Jenks, a sophomore cognitive science and psychology dual major.

"A favorite part of it is definitely working with the student-athletes on a daily basis," said Evan Magnussen, the head coach for the track and field and cross country teams at SUNY Oswego. "I think that's the reason everyone gets into coaching."

"It's just a lot of fun, it's coming to practice every day is fun, everyone pushing each other to kind of be the best they can be is a great atmosphere," said Tim Olmsted, a senior technology education major.

"My recruiting visit, my senior year of high school, that sold me here, was the team," said Catarina Burke, a junior public justice major. "Because the environment was very uplifting and everyone was really together. Having an indoor track is the best."

The student-athletes said they love running in the facility, and their coach agrees.

"This indoor track facility is one of the best in the conference, one of the best in the state, when it comes to training," Magnussen said.

"Coming from high school and not having those facilities, it was a big change, and it was for the better, for sure," Burke added.

The long jump and triple jump pit earned praise from Akim Cadet, a senior political science and English dual major.

"We got that pit, for all the jumper people coming in. It's nice," Cadet said.

"It gets a lot more intense, you get focused, I get a lot more focused," sophomore anthropology major Max Cameron said. "I like to have fun, I like to joke around, but during meets I'm more focused."

"We try and keep the atmosphere the same. I like to keep that same intensity in practice as we would have on meet day," Magnussen said.

"Just trying to be better than the week before, but, I'm a little nervous, but it's a good nervous, kind of excited, ready to get going, and gonna show what the work has done," Olmsted explained.

The connections teammates make is another favorite aspect of their participation.

"I'm friends with everyone on the team, I know everyone else is like that," Cadet said. "Everyone talks to everyone, just really tight knit."

"Even though this is an individual event, I think we still are a team, and are friends, still hang out after practice," Jenks noted. "We still eat at the dining halls together, it's really nice. We find activities outside of track to communicate and have fun."

"It's awesome," Olmsted said. "I'm kind of sad to be a senior, kind of, finishing up. But, one last year is still a long time and it's been great."

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