The university’s OTSA (Oswego Technology Student Association) finished first in three competitions, and in the top three in several others, in a prestigious regional conference in Delaware.

OTSA traveled to Rehoboth Beach to participate in the annual TEECA (Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association) East Regional Conference, part of ITEEA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association).

In the three-day conference held every fall, students from higher education institutions across the east coast participate in a series of hands-on and interactive competitions. TEECA’s mission is to help students use what they learn in the classroom and collaborate on fun and unique creations alongside their peers.

OTSA’s team of students, faculty and related equipment arrived in Delaware following the eight-hour drive from SUNY Oswego and participated in day one of the festivities. They scored their initial first-place finish with Game On Night, a new addition to the conference, which included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament and volleyball games for the schools to break a sweat and break the ice ahead of the main event. 

With the help of faculty member Mark Springston, who was responsible for pitching the idea, the tournament was a bonding activity that set the stage for competitive events.

Scoring wins

Represented by president Bryleigh Beauchat, students Ben Sullivan, Zach Hilbert, Jack Hickey, Rich Sgueglia, Springston and coaches Maggie Romano and Adam Parente in the basketball tournament, OTSA finished first in the inaugural contest. 

A unique twist of the basketball competition was that it coincided with the Communication Challenge, as students used the footage from the games to produce a sports documentary. 

While OTSA marched to victory during the basketball games, Beauchat checked in with team members Eliza Sarigiannis and Taylor Mackowiak for the Communications Challenge, which she was also a part of. Shortly after the 3-on-3 competition concluded, Beauchat, Sarigiannis and Mackowiak would spend the next day organizing and editing the footage they recorded to prepare for submission.

“We had 24 hours in the Communications Challenge to create, edit, do any voiceovers we may need and submit the video the next day,” Beauchat said. “It was grind time to get that all in.”

Despite the quick turnaround, the team made a concerted effort to create a high-quality video, modeling it after the ESPN documentary film series “30 for 30.” The determination led to a first-place finish in the competition, as the team credited the interviews conducted during the 3-on-3 contest and the strong basketball play in securing the victory.

“The help of Eliza and everyone else on OTSA… helped us get that extra edge on the video,” said Beauchat.

The video also marked a sign of redemption for Beauchat and Mackowiak. The duo participated in the Communications Challenge during the ITEEA Conference in March 2022 but felt the video submission they created didn’t meet their own high standards.

Scoring solutions

OTSA also finished first in the Problem Solving Challenge. In this competition, students Parente, Sgueglia and Daniel Hall were responsible for bringing assigned materials to the conference to help develop a solution to a specific problem.

“Huge accomplishment,” Beauchat said of the victory. “I’m super proud they were able to dedicate the time, work, and effort.”

The following two days saw the schools participate in the remaining eight challenges, including the Integrated STEM and Manufacturing Challenges, where OTSA finished second in both events, and Robotics and Teaching Lesson, where OTSA finished third in both

“We come closer together as peers… working together on a project, where you have a chance to win an award,” said Beauchat. “We’re creating something of our own that’s not based on whether we pass or fail.”

Each team represented by OTSA finished in the top three at the TEECA East Conference, as they reaped the benefits of their vital preparation and hard work during the event.

OTSA will organize the event during the fall 2023 conference in the same location, and looks to repeat its performance from the last TEECA and the upcoming ITEEA conference in April. Those accomplishments built on some success at last year's ITEEA conference, including a second place in the National Communications Challenge.

Regardless of what's next, technology professor and faculty advisor Richard Bush will reminisce on his team's memorable run.

“Sometimes in the past, we come home a little light on the trophies,” Bush said. “This was very successful, and we’re proud of our accomplishments.”

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-- Written by Andy Guity of the Class of 2023