At SUNY Oswego, student success continues to be at the center of all we do. We are fueled by the desire to transform the lives of students. In our PDF icon 2021-2022 Annual Report: Advancing our University's Pursuit of Sustained Excellence, you will find evidence of transformational learning that occurs in all modalities, across all disciplines, and through the intentional collaborations that exist between all members of the university community.

Over the past year, we continued to work together to create and maintain an inclusive, equitable community of students and scholars where all stakeholders thrive. Additionally, we nurtured mutually beneficial internal and external partnerships that underscore and elevate SUNY Oswego’s learner-centered approach, and remained committed to stewarding financial and environmental sustainability.

While we proudly look back on the past year, we also look ahead toward tomorrow. The SUNY Oswego community is primed and ready to work together and continue advancing our institutional priorities of Student Success, Academic and Creative Excellence, Inclusive Community, Sustainable Institution, and Partnerships. We will protect and effectively manage our reserves; cultivate and obtain new development activities and partnerships; nurture an “all-in” campus-wide focus on recruitment, enrollment and retention; and invest in campus-based actions that reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment. We will remain focused on our students’ success; seek to increase high-quality, high-impact practices inside and outside the classroom; and preserve a campus culture of care, while addressing achievement gaps and increasing financial literacy.

I extend my sincere gratitude to the members of the SUNY Oswego community and our valued partners. You are all part of our caring, forward-thinking community of Lakers. Thank you for your contributions over the past year and for the collective energy you will undoubtedly provide in 2022-2023 as we work together to sustain our university and build a better world for future generations.

Best regards,

Mary C. Toale, Ed.D.
Officer in Charge